Clothes Shopping for twin girls - The Golden Rule

01 March 2011

I admit it, after my ultrasound revealed sugar and spice and everything nice, I knew a moment of fear. Fear that I wouldn't be able to resist the aisles and aisles of cute pink clothes and could end up baby-shopping myself into bankruptcy. I mean, who can resist turning their little girl into a princess/diva/mini-me. Probably not me.

So before I made that first onesie purchase, I came up with the golden rule for buying clothes for my children - I WILL NOT BUY ANY OUTFIT FOR MORE THAN $10. No exceptions. That's the only rule I need. How did I come up with $10? Fairly arbitrary number that I hope will keep me out of the poorhouse. How has that worked out for me so far? Well,
  • I've escaped several emotional purchases
  • I've been very creative with coupons and discounts. Most of my pieces have been below the $5 price point
  • It's hard to find pretty dresses for special occcasions at this price point. 
Are rules meant to be broken? I'm hoping to maintain this price rule till the kids start getting an allowance that they can spend on more expensive duds if they so desire. Should I make an exception for special occasions? In which case the next question would be what constitutes a special occasion? What will the price point be then? Will it apply to individual pieces or outfit plus accessories? 

I don't know, but what I do know is the most beautiful outfit my girls can wear is their character and it's my job as a mother to ensure that they are understand that a beautiful heart trumps expensive clothes.

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