Twin Stats - Week 2

Government aka Twin A
Weight             7lbs 3oz
Dress size        Carters Newborn. Outgrown Gerber newborn
Diaper size       Newborn
Formula           Similac advanced liquid

Independence aka Twin B
Weight             7lbs 2oz
Dress size        Carters Newborn. Outgrown Gerber newborn
Diaper size       Newborn
Formula           Similac advanced liquid

Miss Independent

I can't waste today writing about poop and inconsequential stuff because the most exciting thing just happened.... my baby, Independence is holding her bottle all by herself. No I'm not exaggerating and no its not a fluke. We noticed she could hold her pacifier in her mouth last week but the bottle holding tops that. This mama can't stop preening like I had something to do with it.

Granny knows best

So we continued with poop patrol on Sugar today. My poor baby was so uncomfortable; armed with a bunch of solutions from Dr Google, I approached her cautiously like one would an injured kitten.

Started with the gripe water strategically placed in her cheek. She spat every drop right out. Next, I got a cotton bud generously smothered in vaseline and attempted to stimulate her rectal muscles. No luck and there's a possibility mama was too squeamish about this. Finally tried my grandma's old reliable style - Put baby face-down over my thighs and use a washcloth to trickle warmish-hot water through her butt crack. Worked in 2010 just like it worked for grandma in 1940. My darling slept so much better after that. SpIce is next in line if she don't give mama a dirty diaper in the next 12 hours

10 days old

  • Feeding - 3 ounces every 3 hours plus the few drops of breastmilk I can fit in intermittently. Currently using this Baby Formula
  • Bathing - Twice a day sponge bath. Morning with soap, evening without.
  • Peeing - Very well
  • Pooping - Very well till yesterday. Was on poop patrol for almost 36 hours with both babies before I got a big one.

First Doctor's Visit and Stats

We made our first trip out of the house today for our first doctor's visit. 

Everything was great. Spice weighs 6lbs10 and Sugar weighs 6lbs9. Spice has gained a good 13oz and now outweighs Sugar by an ounce. 

That explains where all those bottles of formula went. Looks like its time to order that stroller too

Spice aka Twin A
Weight             6lbs 10oz
Dress size        Newborn.
Diaper size       Newborn
Formula           Similac Advance Ready to Feed Nursettes

Sugar aka Twin B
Weight             6lbs 9oz
Dress size        Newborn
Diaper size       Newborn
Formula           Similac Advance Ready to Feed Nursettes

Food and sleep are on demand. Babies rule the roost

I'm using the more expensive liquid formula because they are also less gassy and sterile. I'll switch to powder at the one month mark.

5 most useful items for this stage

  1. Breast pump
  2. Swing
  3. Sitz bath 
  4. Awesome husband
  5. Helping hands from friends and family

The Help

The troops (family) have arrived to help. I appreciate it so much. I can actually sleep without worrying about babies except... for the first time in my life I have insomnia. I'm sleeping in 30 minute stretches. No fun.

Home Alone

Me and the hubs bundled our two preciouses in their carseats and left the hospital with the confidence attributable only to the clueless. The 35 minutes we spent in the hospital driveway trying to figure out the belts on the car seat is the perfect testament of how much we know and how prepared we were. Spent the night waking up to every grunt, every sigh, every spit bubble. I am officially a parent. Welcome to motherhood

After the high

I hurt in places no one should hurt in. Asking doctor for some stronger pain juice. I love me babies. Spent a few hours with them. Their personalities are already showing. We call princess 1 "D'Government" because it is obvious in her mind that she makes the rules. Princess 2 is "D'Boss" because that's what the nursery nurse called her.

Day 1 - Mother's Day

Today, I had my twins at 39 weeks on the dot. Started induction at 8AM, became mama to my princess 1 at 6:59PM. My princess 2 arrived at 7:21PM. 5lbs13 and 6lbs2. Isn't God awesome? I'm deliriously happy. God bless the man/woman that invented epidural.

Government aka Twin A
Weight             5lbs 13oz

Independence aka Twin B
Weight             6lbs 2oz

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