Android App for Baby Tracking

09 March 2011

I'm a free app kinda of person but this is the one app I actually paid for. It's the baby ESP app for tracking daily routine. Basically, you input the time of a certain activity and the app will display for you the amount of time that has passed since the baby last performed the activity. I initially downloaded the free trial from the android marketplace and it was so good, that I ended up buying the app.The features are what made it worth the $3.99 I paid.

  • Can track more than one baby
  • Built-in buttons for tracking bottle feed, nursing, diaper, medicine, bath and sleep. There is also an "other" button that can be customized for any other activity to be tracked. I actually used it to track "Pooping" which is a big deal for Sugar and play time.
  • Charts and stats for weekly, monthly and annual summaries. This helped me in planning their schedule and getting the big picture of their eating and sleep habits.
  • Multiple users. This was useful for when I had help. With a gmail account and the app, all the caregivers can enter the activities and it will be synced
  • Every activity entered has a notes section for say description of said poop or whether feeding was followed by a huge spit-up
This app was godsend in the first 2 months when everything went by in a sort of haze that only a fellow twin parent will understand. I thought I would remember every little detail about my girls' daily routine, but I didn't. With this app, I could actually provide answers to the pediatrician's questions on feeding and sleep at the well child visit without sounding like a total idiot.

A lot of twin parents in the forums I visit recommended the itzbeen baby care timer. I heard its really good but then again, why pay $50 to carry around two of those when I can pay $4 for an app that does the same thing on my phone which I will be carrying around anyways. Baby ESP... the only app that I ever paid for :)

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