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Have twins and need some advice for surviving? Well then, welcome to my blog. I have twins and after spending hours on google looking for answers to the craziest questions like "how do I arrange all these clothes?" or "what's the best diaper bag out there?"; I decided to document my experience as a twin mom on this blog.

My twins are now over 4 years old and life has evolved from "crazy with 2 babies/toddlers" to just plain and simple "parenting without losing your mind". You're still welcome to look in the archives and email me any questions you may have about surviving those first couple of years.

Pick Your Own Farms Around Calgary

Spring is finally here in Western Canada and pretty soon, the trees will be brimming with fresh berries. History shows that I left my green thumb in Neverland so I've graciously given up the dream of having a garden or at least a potted plant where my kids can pick fruits and vegetables. Not gonna happen in this era. My face-saving and still-fun alternative is to take them to a U-pick farm somewhere around Calgary. 

If there's something Calgary is not lacking, it's a plethora of farms nearby offering everything from CSAs, to Upicks to hosting birthday parties. Here is a listing of the farms that are within decent driving distance of Calgary and offer Upick. 

Things to do before heading out to the farm

  1. Visit their website and check for hours of operation, available dining options etc
  2. Call ahead and make an appointment (if required). Also confirm payment methods accepted and minimum age of kids. It's a good idea to check if they also have already picked fruits for sale. Why? Well there's always the possiblity your toddler wants NOTHING to do with plants and it'd be a shame to go home empty-handed. I say this because for the longest time, Sugar absolutely refused to walk on grass
  3. Ask about road conditions all the way to the farm. Parts of rural Alberta can be scary to navigate alone in a small car. Verify road conditions and presence of wildlife
  4. Ask about the use of pesticides if that's something you care about especially as a lot of berries are on the EWG's dirty dozen list
  5. Check the weather and dress appropriately - sunglasses and hats are usually not optional. 
  6. Pack for the trip: lunch, water, bug repellant, storage bags for your produce, first aid kit, anti-itch cream, benadryl etc.  Overload I know but still...
  7. Get directions and print along with a map. Some of those farms have addresses that won't show up on a GPS and cell coverage may be sketchy. Best to be sure of where you're going before you head out. 
First farm opens in June - that's 90 sleeps from now - and this year, I hope to be introduce my girls to the concept of food growing on trees.

5 months and 8 days

Howdy! It feels like it's been 5 months and 8 days since I last posted on this blog; but who's counting?! ME

Unlike my last blogging break which was for a specific purpose, this one just sorta happened. I drifted out of blogging but became a more active on Instagram. My lack of physically posting did not stop me from mentally writing a blog post every other day though; so to conserve some disc space in my brain, I decided to put the figurative pen to paper.

But first, a little catching up to be done. Since I last posted,

  • The twins celebrated their fourth birthday and this year they had a joint cake that they both picked out - they wanted a cake with strawberries and raspberries on top. I know the experts say having individual cakes helps twins so I don't plan on making this a habit
  • We started and finished skating lessons without actually being able to stand up off the ice. A couple of months later, I was able to take the girls to a skating rink all be myself and they mastered standing and walking on ice
  • We visited/saw 4 different Santa Clauses for Christmas. That may have been an overkill as I could see the gears in the girls' heads turning as to why Santa seemed to be so different all the time...
  • Starred in our first Christmas concert
  • Thanks to this post by Samantha, I took the girls for their first eye exam. It was pretty good except turns out one of the girls is astigmatic just like me. Shouldn't need any corrective action unless it affects her schoolwork
  • Got our first skill level pin for gymnastics. I preened so much, you'd think I was the one who did all the pivots and flexions. 
  • Got their 4 year vaccinations - an experience that was fraught with hysterics, tears, and screaming. I'm so glad next shots are 6 years away!
  • After 2 years of planning and researching, finally chose an elementary school
  • Currently working on reading skills in preparation for kindergarten
  • Growing like weeds. Seriously, pants that were too long in October are now too short and that's not 100% related to my "just-throw-everything-in" laundry style
It's been 5 months of incredible growth not just for the girls, but for me as a parent as well. I wish I could bottle up these days for the future because as cliched as it may sound, it's really amazing watching my babies grow into little people.
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