Blogging With Kids

Blogging with kids! 

It's sorta like walking while chewing gum; spit is produced in copious amounts and regardless of that, you have to keep moving forward.

I'm not sure that the analogy above even makes sense but one thing I'm sure of is that sooner or later everyone that's blogging while parenting asks themselves the pertinent question: should I do this? should I blog about my kids? The "Yes" and "No" sides of this equation have been weighed by me over the last 6+ years and both sides are worth hearing.

No, do not blog about your kids because

  1. It invades their privacy especially when they are too young to consent to the information being shared. Imagine little Johnny's future employer or colleagues googling his name and learning all about his potty quirks
  2. It exploits them especially in cases where their photos are used to promote the parents' "brand" in sponsored posts or for some other monetary gain.
  3. It compromises their safety where suddenly random strangers know their names, what they look like, their favorite cereal, where they live etc. Thanks to Hollywood, we all have a fairly healthy dose of paranoia and imagine what all the villians in the movies could do with this information
Yes, blog about your kids because
  1. It's a living childhood journal. I have printed photobooks for each year of the twins' life and they are at the age where they enjoy flipping through the books and remembering when they were babies. A blog can serve the same purpose; as an online journal that kids can one day review with nostalgia.
  2. It captures the parents' voice. Why would capturing your voice as a parent be important? Let me share my personal experience as a daughter. My mother died when I was 5 years old so I really have no emotional database of her voice, tone or personal idiosyncrasies to humanize my memories of her. For the longest time, she was just a saintly figure crowned in a corner of my heart. That is until I found her diary and read her thoughts as a mother written by her own hand in her own voice. Reading the diary of my mother marked a major turning point in my life's journey as a motherless daughter - I went from assuming my mother loved me to knowing definitively that she did because of how she wrote about me in my diary. If you grew up with a mother, this concept may be hard for you to wrap your mind around but trust me, it was a big deal for me. Authoring a blog is a way of capturing some of your essence for your kids in case they'll need it for their emotional memory bank.
So, blogging with kids, yay or nay? From the length of the individual points above, it's fairly easy to see which one matters to me the most. For the first 4 years of authoring this blog, it's purpose was to serve as a guide for other twin moms. Today, it's purpose has shifted a little. I still want to share my learnings as a parent, but I also want to "capture" my voice for my kids. 

Today, I say "Yay" and that's what it'll be until the "Nay" becomes stronger. 


Yes I've been missing in action yet again.

But you see, what had happened was...

I had my 3rd child, 2nd birth, 1st son - all the same baby of course.

Today he turns 3 weeks old and life sure has taken on a new twist. Being a mother of 2 school-age girls is very different from being the mother of 2 school-age girls and a newborn. It's like this baby-mama life is all new to me. I'm having to relearn and re-remember all the things I got right with my older girls while avoiding the bad-mommy moments.

Every child is different and my little man is no exception. I love him to bits and as glimpses of his personality start to emerge, I know my motherhood ride is about to get even more exciting. I intend to enjoy and cherish every moment of it.

Thankful for 5 years

One of the things that got me back to churning out blog posts was a recent dig into the Mytwintopia archives. I had just measured the twins for their 5th birthday stats and read somewhere that kids height at age 2 doubled will be their final adult height. I scratched my head trying to recall how tall Sugar and Spice were at 2 and ended up on their 2nd birthday posts. The nostalgia! Back then, I didn't imagine a time would come when my memories would be blurry. However, as the years have rolled by, the memories have blended into one big glob of happiness in my mind so I'm really grateful and blessed to have things recorded and documented on this blog. (Speaking of documentation, Johanna is queen and she's building one heck of a memory book for her twin girls.)

So we celebrated the big 5 last week. I had initially planned on the girls having their first birthday party at age 5 but with daycare friends behind us and kindergarten friends still being too new, I put that off for another year. (Introvert mom thinking). Instead, they had a birthday fun weekend and took cupcakes WITH SPRINKLES to school on Monday. 

With an overwhelming sense of gratitude, I can tell you that this parenting gig just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. Here's a snapshot of year 4-5 in our world.

Ms Spice at Five (In Her Own Words with mama's comments)
Favorite color: Turquoise I'm 38 and I have no idea which shade of blue qualifies as turquoise.
Favorite food: White rice The Nigerian in this one is strong
Favorite animal: Giraffe. Still in love with that Jellycat Giraffe stuffy I got her for her 2nd birthday
Loves to do with daddy: Taking pictures with him The king and princess of selfies
Loves to do with mummy: kissing her. Can you see why I can hardly say no to this sweet child?!
Wants for her birthday: a new stuffy bear. Not happening for now. The minimalist in me is capping the number of stuffys per child. If she wants a new one, we'll have to eliminate one of the old ones

Ms Sugar at Five (In Her Own Words with mama's comments)
Favorite color: Sparkles Last year, her answer was rainbow. Talk about skirting the question. Future lawyer?! 
Favorite food: Spaghetti and meatballs The farmer's market-bought  meatballs, not mama-made ones
Favorite animal: Puppy. She's got 6 stuffed dogs and now realizes that she can ask for a real one. Trying to hold out till they're 6. 
Loves to do with daddy: Playing hide and seek In the same 3 hiding spots. LOL!
Loves to do with mummy: helping to make some food. Still true to her primary love language. Actually, they both are. Glad I read that book or I wouldn't get it
Wants for her birthday: a beautiful, beautiful present and a cute, cute puppy. One beautiful and one cute is never enough

Other details 
The physical data
Ms Spice weighs 36lbs and is 42.5in tall. That's around 20th percentile for weight and 35th for height. 
Ms Sugar weighs 35.5lbs and is 44in tall. That's around 17th percentile for weight and 70th for height
Both girls are too tall for 5T clothes and too skinny for size 6 clothes. It's driving me bonkers. They're both wearing size 12 shoes  

Food and eating habits
In the spirit of keeping this post positive, Imma leave this section blank

I can't believe that I missed the 4th birthday post and the last update I have is from the twins' 3rd year. Boo!

The title of this post says it all. I am so very thankful to God for 5 years of the good, the bad and the best. I wouldn't change any of this for the world.

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys down south. I'm celebrating my happy days with the Happy Days linkup

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