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10 Money Lessons for Grade Schoolers

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Stopping to Smell the (Baby) Roses

It a little after midnight and I've just finished feeding my son a bottle of milk. As I alternately rubbed and bumped his back waiting for him to burp, I studied the his face indulgently - the contours of his cheek, his pouty lips, the way he creases his eyebrows whenever a thump startles him from his almost-asleep state. It was past midnight and I was tired and I should and want to be asleep but here I sit instead, leisurely falling in love with my son.

I was surprised when I realized that this emotion felt new to me. Didn't I go through this with the twins? Do I love my son more than my daughters?

Actually no!

It's instead the answer to the question people always ask me "Is it easier taking care of one baby versus two at the same time?" My answer is no, it's not easier. Surviving on 4 hours of sleep in a night feels the same on my body regardless of how many babies I'm taking care of. Regarding taking care of one baby versus two, both are physically dra…

Talking to My 6 Year Olds About Sex

The twins are 6 years old and that apparently is the age where all sorts of pointed questions about sex get asked. Add a newborn baby into the mix and the questions roll out even faster and "furiouser". And of course, mommy is the answerer of all such questions. I confess that I've been negligent in preparing myself to answer those questions. Should have read a few books on talking to kids about sex but life was too short and I was too busy.

Regardless of my tardiness in reading up on the subject, I've handled the conversations with a combination of correction, diversion and education. The conversations go somehow like this:

Objective: To fix the misinformation usually got from their peers

Spice: So mommy, are you going to feed the baby with you boobies?
Me: What are boobies?
Spice: Those round things on your chest
Me: Who told you they're called boobies? Tip: Always find out who else has been having conversations about sex or body parts with your kids

Blogging With Kids

Blogging with kids! 

It's sorta like walking while chewing gum; spit is produced in copious amounts and regardless of that, you have to keep moving forward.

I'm not sure that the analogy above even makes sense but one thing I'm sure of is that sooner or later everyone that's blogging while parenting asks themselves the pertinent question: should I do this? should I blog about my kids? The "Yes" and "No" sides of this equation have been weighed by me over the last 6+ years and both sides are worth hearing.

No, do not blog about your kids because

It invades their privacy especially when they are too young to consent to the information being shared. Imagine little Johnny's future employer or colleagues googling his name and learning all about his potty quirksIt exploits them especially in cases where their photos are used to promote the parents' "brand" in sponsored posts or for some other monetary gain.It compromises their safety where…


Yes I've been missing in action yet again.

But you see, what had happened was...

I had my 3rd child, 2nd birth, 1st son - all the same baby of course.

Today he turns 3 weeks old and life sure has taken on a new twist. Being a mother of 2 school-age girls is very different from being the mother of 2 school-age girls and a newborn. It's like this baby-mama life is all new to me. I'm having to relearn and re-remember all the things I got right with my older girls while avoiding the bad-mommy moments.

Every child is different and my little man is no exception. I love him to bits and as glimpses of his personality start to emerge, I know my motherhood ride is about to get even more exciting. I intend to enjoy and cherish every moment of it.