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How to Brush a Toddler's Teeth

How do I get my toddlers to allow me brush their teeth?

That's what I found myself researching last night. Thus far it's been a struggle getting the twins to allow me brush their teeth. I really wasn't interested in making an unpleasant event out of this so I turned to Mr Google and Master YouTube. This is the video I found most helpful

After this, I got both girls to stand (almost) still without fighting or complaining for 30 seconds each while I brushed their teeth. This morning we extended that time a bit. Here are a few things that contributed to our successful teeth brushing
I let the girls watch the YouTube video with me. They were fascinated by the concept of a mom brushing her toddler's teethSing a song while brushing. I tried the song the woman in the video was singing but it didn't work. Since the girls already know the words "brush" and "teeth". I just chanted "brush your teeth" to a random tune in my headStart early - I start…

GAP Socks - A Year Later

If there was ever a parade of honor for toddler socks, this will be it.  They are the GAP Cozy Socks and my girls have worn them just about everyday for the last one year. And in my opinion they have held up very, very well. Not a hole in sight. The colors still look good - any discoloration is due more to my laundry practices than the quality of the socks.They are sized for 12-24 months and have become too small for the girls' feet. This post is in honor of their retirement tonight.

The girls started wearing these socks around September last year in Houston and since then, the socks have kept their feet cozy and comfortable - through the wet winter of Newfoundland, to winter, spring and summer in Calgary. They're hard to kick off and come in packs of 2 complimentary colors / designs.  

On the GAP website, a 2-pack is being sold for $6.95 but I bought around 8 packs of these off season at a little under $1 for the 2-pack. If you find yourself searching for socks for a toddler 1…

Sensory Bottles for Twins

This is not a post on how to make sensory bottles. There are a lot of great Internet resources available for that. I will list a couple at the end of this post. This post is about things to consider when making sensory bottles for toddler twins based on my experience in the last couple of weeks. Sensory bottles are a Montessori play tool that I’ve been interested in for a while but procrastinated on putting some together for the girls until I saw how happy Sugar was playing with one in the daycare. I got some beads and food coloring to make 5 sensory bottles Lesson 1 - Numeracy: Who makes odd numbered toys for twins? The ruckus becomes who gets the extra bottle Lesson 2 - Duplication: The 5 bottles I made were all different. Predictably, both girls decided that the bottle with red-colored water was their favorite and they MUST have that one. The ruckus quickly degenerated into an all out cat-fight and there's a proverb in my native language that says "when 2 elephants fight, it&…

Blog Retune and Refocus

This week has been an exhilarating one in my blogging life: I hosted my first set of guest bloggers - 2 moms with twin girls my age who did something I couldn't do - nurse twins for over 12 months. I'm in awe of Megan and Beth and all the moms who push past the challenges of breastfeeding. I ended my breastfeeding journey the day the twins got their 2 month vaccinations and I know how much more stressful those 2 months were due to the challenges of putting a lot of effort into breastfeeding my twins and getting insignificant results.

The guest posts mean a lot to me because it was in October 2010 when I first mentioned looking for a new direction to take my blog. I've spent the last 10 months trying to figure out what that direction will be by eliminating the things I don't like / can't do viz
No craftsNo recipesI take pictures but photography is not my strong point eitherWhat do I like doing? Researching. Informing. Giving solicited and sometimes unsolicited advice.…

Breastfeeding Twins - Megan's Story

This is the second guest post on breastfeeding twins in celebration of World Breastfeeding Week. Megan's sharing today and instead of writing a whole gushy intro, I'll just let you know that I discovered Megan's blog while I was pregnant and once I realized our due dates were close, I signed up to be a lifetime stalker. 

The “Art” of breastfeeding twins
Much like an artist who has feverishly painted multiple canvases before getting the final amazing finished product she was hoping for, such too is the art of breastfeeding twins. Not only is there no “right” or “wrong” way to do it, it often takes many different trials on many different “canvases” before you find the style and format that works the best for you.  Here’s my story of the trials and tribulations to find the “art” in breastfeeding my twin girls.  Enjoy.
The first year of my twin’s lives has proven to be the most difficult, yet rewarding, year of my life.
While I was pregnant with my girls I had decided, like many o…

Breastfeeding Twins - Beth's Story

In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, I thought I'd do a series focused on breastfeeding twins. However, since I was not quite successful in that endeavor, I enlisted the help of a few friends. First up is Beth (popularly known on my sidebar as Nattie and Vera's mom). She's got 20 months and counting of twin breastfeeding experience under her belt. Lot's to share and lots to learn. Hope you enjoy Beth's breastfeeding story as much as I did.
Breast feeding twins is like competing in a marathon...there's the race to get two babies fed, it burns a ton of calories, and there are people on the sidelines cheering or critiquing.

I've been in this nursing marathon for twenty months now and honestly, I've had enough! Sometimes when my babies nurse it feels like they're sucking the life out of me. I call them my 'milk vampires'. With twins, why oh why did I decide to nurse until their second birthday?

Well...the decision was instinctual. It's …

21 Precious Months

21 Ways my princesses have amazed me in the last 1 month
Composure: We went to visit friends and I gave Spice a piece of papaya that she did not want. Without being asked she took it, walked to the kitchen, located the trash can and threw it awayAgility: Climbing out of their cribs. Can't help but wince-smile at that oneCleanliness: That's the positive spin I'm putting on Spice whipping off her diaper anytime it's wet or soiledSmartness: While wearing onesies with hearts on them, both girls tap on the hearts and say "I love you"Observations: I'm amazed at how the girls know the usage of certain things without being shown. They know that ear plugs go in the ear, gloves are for the hands and a flower clip (that we've never used before) goes on the hair. Imitation is the best form of flattery: We got 2 little bags for the girls (favors from a party) and Sugar likes to put her bag over her arm, say "ok bye bye", blow a kiss and walk to the neares…

Bumbo Seats Recalled

A recall has been issued for bumbo seats. They are to be refitted with seat belts due to babies twisting and falling out of chairs. Read more here.

The free repair kits can be ordered here for US residents 
here for residents of Canada

10 Tips for Family Photo Book Projects

I've mentioned in a couple of posts that I am doing a Photo Project 52 this year. Since the twins' first birthday, I've been taking weekly photos that will be part of their 2nd year photobook. It's been so much fun to look at the photos and literally watch the girls growing up. I'm already planning my photobook project for next year. This year's project has had some hits and a few misses and I would love to share them here. My learnings and tips on family photo book projects.
Frequency: How frequently will the photos be taken? Daily, weekly or monthly? Weekly has really worked for me. I suggest starting with a goal of frequency in mind because sometimes life can be hectic and photography takes a backstageReminder: Because the girls were born on Tuesday, I choose Tuesday as the week starter. After missing some weeks, I now have a reminder on my phone for Monday mornings. If I haven't taken a picture all week, then I know I have the rest of the day to get some…

Natural Alternatives to Vaseline for Babies

I started looking for natural alternatives to Vaseline (petroleum jelly) because over the last couple of months, Spice developed this horrid rash of dry skin. It started on her belly and quickly spread to her back and hands. I couldn't determine if it was just extreme dry skin, heat rash or something more that needed the attention of a dermatologist.

I decided to treat at home for a week and if no improvement was seen then a visit to the dermatologist may be required. A few online moms recommended using a dual layer of lotion and petroleum jelly. Sounded like a good idea so I've been buttering her up with Aveeno Eczema Lotion and non-petroleum jelly twice a day. It's been a month now and we finally have considerable visible improvement in the condition of her skin. 

Vaseline was a cure-all when I was growing up and there's no documentation of it being hazardous. However, it is still based on petro-hydrocarbons and I really would prefer something more natural for my babie…

Chatty Sunday

Hey peeps, today I'm over on Leigh's blog as part of her "Chat with Twin Moms" series. She's had this series going on for 3 weeks now and I've enjoyed reading the little nuggets other twin moms have to share.

If you're visiting from Leigh's blog, thank you for stopping by. I started this blog with one mission statement "to share and help". I hope you'll look around and find something new and helpful.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Preparing for Move To Our New Home

Today marks the start of a 30 day countdown to taking possession of our new home. If I stop to think about it, I end up in a state of feverish anticipation that never produces anything good so instead, I plan. And organize. And dream. And declutter. On my to-do list of things to do before moving?
Do a closet-audit: I got around to starting this last weekend. Clothes that don't fit right, clothes that haven't been worn in over a year, clothes that have been worn a too much are all set aside. They are either donated to Goodwill or the trash depending on their condition. Last weekend, I dropped off the first bag of donated clothes. Right now we have a walk-in closet and the new house only has a wardrobe. I have it when all my clothes do not fit into their assigned spot so I think I have 2 more audits before the move date. Organize the twins' old clothes: I got an additional set of storage boxes from Costco last week and I'm organizing the girl's old clothes according t…

The bags under my eyes?

Calgary's having a great summer. The house was 85 degF yesterday. Air conditioner is broken. Babies sleep is big bed. Think this graphic but with 2 babies instead of 1. Spice was particularly fond of being a neck scarf. Sugar preferred to be a snow angel with jazz hands. Mummy might be a little extra-sleep-deprived today

Toddler Meltdown in 12 Steps

Toddler meltdowns! I'd heard of them but always thought the reports were exaggerated and it could never happen to me. Until it did. Here's my first toddler meltdown experience in 12 steps
Step 1, the trigger: I thought it would be nice for the girls' bedtime milk to be a bit warmer (warm milk makes you feel all good inside right?!) so I put an extra 5 seconds while warming in the microwave. One baby did not mind. The other took a sip and blew a gasket. Step 2, health check: The milk was not hot. It was just warmer than lukewarm. When she sipped and screamed, I thought there had to be something wrong with her mouth or throat and she was in excruciating pain. I looked in her mouth and saw her gums were swollen.
Step3, panic: I tried to give her an ice cube to relieve "the pain" and she screamed louder. She saw the advil on the spoon and gave me the evil eye. I called TwinDad and told him to come home ASAP as our baby needed to go to the ER. He hopped into the nearest…

Play Kitchen for Toddler Twins

This summer, I've been introduced to the wonderful new world of pretend play and big kid toys; starting with our play kitchen. I confess that I bought the play kitchen just because it was listed on Kijiji at the right price and looked well-kept. We've had our kitchen for over a month now and I love it so I though I'd share what to consider when buying a play kitchen for twins. In case any twin parent is considering getting one for their sweeties *cough*Ms M*cough*
Standing / Playing Area: The play kitchen needs to have enough standing room for two toddlers to play side-by-side or it will be hell. It can be a corner kitchen, a very wide kitchen or one with 2 play sides. If buying used, dimensions can still be checked on Amazon. If buying new, words like "family" or "deluxe" in the play kitchen's name normally signify that it's a bigger size meant for 2 or more toddlers. (or lookout for a photo that shows 2 kids playing side by side in the kitchen.…