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What 3 year olds like

A few months ago, I shared the gift list for the girls' 3rd birthday and Christmas. Well now that we've had a month of fun and play and Christmas is over for 2013, I can confidently share with you what my 3 year olds like to play with.

Clockwise from top left

A playhouse with little people and furniture. The enjoy making up stories and scenarios and its amazing to see the breadth of their imagination. Pictured is the Fisher-Price Little People Home which had been sitting in the garage for over a year before I brought it out last week. Any dollhouse would do but I have no complaints about this one especially as it has a lot of extras - farm, animals, school bus, zoo etc - available online and in storesColoring books, writing books and stickers. Thanks to Samantha's advice, I got a pre-K learn to write book that Sugar seriously loves practicing her numbers on. (Johanna of Baker Twins suggested building their hand muscles with playdough and I do have that in storage but just c…

The Wonder of the Season

Elf on the shelf, advent calendars and other Pinterest-worthy activities
Family pictures and photos with Santa
Meeting the mailing deadline for cards and presents
How much to spend on gifts
Should you gift your colleagues?
What of the boss, cleaning lady and bus driver?
Travel craze and sometimes rage
Family reunions and drama
Christmas menu planning
Store-bought or made-from-scratch?

Tis the season for many-a-stressful moment... But sometimes we need to pause and enjoy the wonder of the season through the eyes of a child (or two)

For my little ladies, one of their favorite things to do this time of the year is to gaze out the window and admire the snow, trees and squirrels. So simple!

Here's wishing you a simple, delightful Christmas season.

A tale of 2 trees

In our house, there sits 2 Christmas trees.

Tree number one is the fancy tree...all $20 worth of fancy. On it hang glitter-covered apples and pears - a testament to my sometimes-imaginary crunchy nature. The girls hung all the ornaments on the bottom so you'll see some branches sporting up to 3 ornaments each.

Tree number 2 is the heart tree. Hidden away upstairs in the family quarters. On it hangs the twins' first shoes, custom/handmade ornaments from my sisters, 2 "baby's 1st Christmas 2010" ornaments and a little ornament from our 2011 Christmas in St John's Newfoundland. This tree is a little short and a little bare but every ornament on it is precious and I hope to fill it up over the years as we write the history of our family.

Which tree do you think is my favorite? Which one is yours: the fancy tree or the heart tree?

PS: I love using the girls' first shoes as Christmas ornaments. For other ideas on things to do with baby's first shoes, see the…

Santa's Empty Bag

And THIS, people is why Santa's bag will be almost empty this Christmas.

A playroom full of oft-ignored toys
A tote that can't close due to the abundance of 4T clothes that are waiting for the girls to grow
A cupboard or two filled with "not yet ready for them" toys

More than I hate clutter, I hate for my girls to have so much that they lose the joy of enjoying "just enough".

We're blessed. God has been very good to us this year. The girls have more than enough toys and clothes to take them into next Christmas. So we're making things real easy for Santa this year. He can come down that chimney with an empty bag and it'll be all good. It works for us. We'll still have a very merry Christmas once we get around to cleaning the playroom!

What's it like having 3 year old twins?

They're 3!

Yes indeed! Am I excited? Yes I am!
Is this belated birthday post going to be chock full of exclamation marks? Yes it is! :)

Having 3 year olds is amazing! They're playing together, having coherent conversations with us and each other and yes, fighting like cat and dog.

So what do their stats look like these days? I'm happy to respond that they've maintained the trend of their first and second years beautifully.

The adorable Ms Spice
Weighs a little over 27lbs and is just under 25th percentile for weight. Height-wise she's 36.5 inches which puts her squarely in the 25th percentile range for height as well. At age two she was around 23rd percentile on the CDC chart and I expected her to gain 3-6lbs over the year which she did. (Y'all know I'm anal about my charts and numbers, right?!)

Communication: This girl puts together some very advanced sentences. The most shocking was on their birthday when I told her it was time to go to the rec center for our spo…