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Dressing the Slim Toddler

For the last year or so, the girls have maintained their growth trends of being around 20th percentile for weight and 60th percentile for height. In plain and simple terms, I have two slim toddlers. Asides from my occasional worrying over their diet, the biggest issue affected by their body dimensions is  dressing them up. I have had to "learn" the best tips for dressing them appropriately for their stature. My objective of course is to get the best use out of their clothes

Managing the waistline: Choose bottoms that have adjustable waists. Most brands now offer this - it's simply an elastic band with buttonholes in the waist for sizing as required. When adjustable waist bottoms are not available, choose bottoms with belt loops so that Dapper Snappers or similar hold-up-the-pants gadgets can be used.Some brands work better than others. For us, the best brand has been GAP for most items of clothing. With the girls being potty trained, the only brands of underwear that fit …

Fashion Brands for Toddlers' Shapes

Last year I went on a bodysuit shopping spree to evaluate the different brands of baby clothes and the results were interesting. I did the same thing with size 18-24 clothes that the twins just recently outgrew. I bought different brand name clothes for a size and quality experiment.

Why? Because for the first one year, baby cloth sizes change every 3 months on average. For the second year, the sizes change every 6 months. From age 2 up, kids' clothes are sized by year. If the clothes now need to be worn for a year, I need to make the best decision as to which brands work for us - I'm a fairly brand loyal customer when it comes to clothes.

What I tested: Jeans from OshKosh, GAP, Old Navy and Gymboree. Jackets and dresses from those 4 plus Crazy8, Tea Collection and Hanna Andersson

What I didn't test: Children's Place because they already off the list due to the results of the "Great Bodysuit Review". Carters because of quality variance depending of where it'…

Two and a quarter

I wrote this post before I went on break and never publisheded it. Its not too late though

My babies turned 2 and a quarter years old in February and as usual, they leave me speechless just looking at the depth, richness and diversity of their personalities. Here's a short post celebrating their quarter birthday!

Sleeps with her bear, her monkey, her giraffe, her duckie and her puppy
Licks her lips when she eats yogurt, pineapples and cheerios
Enjoys watching the Backyardigans and the Cat in the Hat
Sings like no one is watching even when no one is watching
Talks up a storm with her now 4 word sentences
Recognizes all her colors but not her letters
Loves the color purple (the actual color not the movie)
Scolds mommy when mommy tells her she's being naughty
Will not talk to strangers unless she deems them worthy
Allows her sister to get away with stuff and make her cry; but occassionally
Shakes her sister real good and puts her in a wrestling body pin
Dresses up in princess clothes,…

State of our Union - Potty Training Edition

Potty Training Twins - Month 5I started potty training the twins this January when they were 26 months old. Today, they're 29 months old and I'm happy with where we stand; which is

The girls are now fully potty trained both at home and in the daycare. The use of diapers is restricted to naptimes only. Accidents are very few and far between. I'm currently trying to get them to fully ditch the pottys and use the toilet with a soft seat installed on top. BEST BUY TIP: The soft seats that have handles are great as they give the girls something to hold on to when they feel like they're going to fall in the bowl. I've seen them sold under the First Years and Ginsey brands in both US and Canadian Walmart, Superstore and Amazon.

There are nights when Spice wakes up with a dry diaper so I know she's ready but mama is not. Neither is Sugar. I'm currently stocking up on disposable bed mats but I don't think I'm ready to night-train them before …

Resuming Programming

Well hello! It's been 90 long days and longer nights followed by 10 hours of exam writing. I'm worn out, hopeful, rejuvenated and super excited about summer (for the first time ever). AND I'm back to blogging.

When I decided to take a break, I wasn't sure I would actually resume blogging. Life with 2 toddlers is busy. Throw in working 40+ hours a week and doing home stuff and I just wasn't sure there was room in my life for blogging. There isn't! All the more reason why I shouldn't stop blogging. I need this outlet. 

So I'm back here, my little haven on the internets, ready to gist about the mundane things that keep me happy and sane
like how I finally figured out the different children's brands of clothesand also figured out how to dress my skinny toddlersand built my list of 5-minute mealsand figured out how to shop smarter in Calgaryand bought the girls their first tricyclesand got more intentional about life and parentingWhat I won't be sharing…