How to Feed Twins at Night

23 March 2011

This is my nightstand set up for feeding my twins when they wake up to eat at night. The items on the nightstand are
  1. 4 Playtex bottles ready for use with liners already in place
  2. A 12.5oz can of enfamil - part of the free case I received from Mead-Johnson; thank you very much sirs!
  3. 61oz thermos container with warmed water for mixing formula. I fill this up once a day and it takes me through all the bottles for that the day.
  4. Bottle of hand sanitizer
  5. Pack of pacifier wipes
  6. Box of tissues for the nights when I forget to have a bib on hand
  7. Receiving blanket to protect the inevitable spills that occur while a drowsy mama is going through the oh-so-complicated steps of preparing a 4oz bottle at 2am
  8. Not pictured is my cellphone which I use as a night light so I don't have to turn on the lamp
Also in the corner, you can see the top of one of the boppy pillows I use for keeping them elevated after the morning feeding.

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