Baby Food Rut Solution - Yogurt

Okay, this is a confessional. I'm currently in a rut when it comes to feeding my babies solids. I think stage 3 foods are a ripoff so I'm not interested in buying them. I think the babies are ready for finger foods but my ideas seem to be limited to puffs, bananas, toast and yogurt melts. I'm sure the girls have outgrown purees and I try to give them fork-mashed foods instead but I don't know what to mash

Mama's definitely in a rut. The only food I'm cool with right now is baby  yogurt. I love giving it to them and they are always enthusiatic eaters. Once the tub of yogurt appears, little legs start kicking and little arms start flaling in exitement. This is the only solid food that they can eat 4oz of at a sitting.

I'm in a baby food rut and baby yogurt is the only thing that works for me.

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The People in Our Neighbourhood

One novel experience that I've been having since November is the "Out with twins" thingie.

Woman + 2 young 'uns in double stroller = public spectacle.

Like any twin mom, I've had more than my share of absolute strangers come up to me and do/say strange things. There's

  • Miss Round-Eyes: They have that emoticon round eyes thing going on while staring at me. Almost like I have two wings and a tail to go with the double stroller
  • The Oh family: "Oh how cute!", "Oh how adorable" "Oh it's twins!"
  • Ms Hitchcock: Sister to Alfred Hitchcock. She starts off like she's from the Oh family and once you make eye contact, she moves in for the kill. She proceeds to tell you some horror story involving twins that she knows. Like her poor sister-in-law who's twin baby was so high up, the mother had to have vaginal and CS delivery at the same time. Or the time her godson's twin cried all night and there was nothing wrong with him and then the doctor checked the other baby and the other baby had a ruptured appendix. Always great for a mother's psyche this Ms Hitchcock.
  • The trouble makers: The ones that see you and say "Double Trouble". I hate that with a passion. My kids are not trouble and I will not see the humor in your saying so. There is power in the spoken word so please, speak words of peace and blessing
  • The blessed: Opposites of the trouble makers. They usually spot a head of grey hair and say "You're so blessed". I love them.
  • The almost twin mama: "My kids are like twins too. They're so close in age." *Insert rolling of the eyes here*
  • The other twin mama: You know the one with the twin babies slightly older than yours. You become immediate friends and swap war stories for 30 minutes and leave only when one (or more) babies start screaming from hunger.
  • The twin daddies: I love twin daddies. Not just because I own one :) but because they're the men who will run across the store to open the door for you.
  • The older male twins: They're pretty much like the twin daddies. I've had one leave his spot on the queue to come help me with the stroller-through-door maneuver. Awesome people!
  • The older girl twins: My favorite people in the world. They're like a sneak peek into the future. I once met a pregnant lady registering in Babies R Us with her twin sister. They were so excited to see my twins and told me how they were best friends growing up and my girls will be the same. Then their mom walks up and says "They're lying. They fought all the time and almost drove me crazy. Don't worry, you'll survive!"
Those are the people that show up in my neighbourhood whenever I'm out and about with the twins. Like they say on Seasame street; they're the people that you meet when you're walking down the street...

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Book Review - Raising Twins

          Raising Twins by Shelly Vasiri Flais

Before I start my review, a word about the author: Shelly Vaziri Flais is a pediatrician mom to four children including a set of identical twin boys. She also happened to have 4 children all under 4 years old at some point in her life. When I read that, my respect for her went up a few notches.

I saw this book in the library and I was about to pass on it as I thought it was another survival-guide-for-the-first-few-months type book. When I saw that it covered topics up to the twins being 4 years old, I decided to give it a shot. I wasn't expecting much but I ended up being pleasantly disappointed.

I thought I read a lot of books before having the babies, but I still wish I had read this as well. In reading it, it quickly becomes obvious that it IS written by a mom who's "been there done that". The book's tone is very helpful without being preachy or wordy. It's an easy read sectioned by age from the pre-baby days to pre-school and beyond.

The best part of this book? Scattered all over are little boxes with Twin Tips. Here's a few I really liked
*Store extra emergency baby supplies in your car so you're ready for anything* I learnt this the hard way
*Expect your twins to have different appetites on different days* I needed to hear this
*When the twins are grown, they will appreciate that you treated them as individuals and not as a unit by singing "Happy Birthday" for each of them specifically*

Verdict: I'm glad I got to read this.

Of Wrestling and Elephants

Last week I was worried about Spice. Sugar was crawling on all fours and Spice was fairly immobile compared to her sister. My source of worry was Sugar's penchance for climbing on her sister and pinning her to the ground with the skill of a  Hulk Hogan apprentice. Pinned and unable to move out of harm's way, Spice cried helplessly.

But.... a week is a long time in babyland. Long enough for the script to be flipped. Ms Spice has demonstrated two developmental milestones in the last few days. One is that she started army crawling - no longer the slow-moving victim. Second is that she has the memory of a baby elephant.

What do I mean?

Let's just say that right now Sugar is regretting picking on a baby a good pound heavier than she is. Payback is an 18lb baby who has perfected the gedo-clutch pinning technique.

Getting ready to administer the gedo-clutch pin to escaping twin sister


Reviewing Diaper Rewards Programs

On the subject of baby rewards programs, do you know about the diaper rewards programs? The diapers come with codes that you input on a website and with enough points, you get to order some little doodah. The two biggies both have their programs. There's the Huggies Enjoy the Ride program and the Pampers Gifts to Grow program.

While I was on maternity leave, I had enough spare time to actually enter all my codes on their websites. Since starting work, I've had less time so I decided to redeem my points and say goodbye to the program. In redeeming my points, I saw that both programs had a few differences in their prize catalog. Here's how it worked out:

Pampers Gifts to Grow vs Huggies Enjoy the ride

After 3 months of diapering twins in size 3 Pampers Baby Dry and Cruisers; you can redeem a $5 promo code for from the Gifts to Grow catalog

After 3 months of diapering twins in size 3 Huggies Little Movers, there are as at today, 7 different rewards that can be redeemed from the Enjoy the Ride Catalog. I chose the Disney Pooh Folding Potty Seat with a retail value of $10. It seemed like an appropriate gift - buy diapers, earn a potty - and it was delivered very promptly too.

I never tried the Fisher Price Diapers Happy Rewards program. If I had, 3-4 months of diapering twins would have earned me a $20 reward certificate that can be used to purchase a Fisher Price branded product. Surprisingly the best deal of the lot
Huggies Diaper Rewards Swag

Here's a picture of my diaper swag. Have you ever won any swag from diapers? Do tell. I have to confess, this diaper rewards program works for me.

Baby Products that Offer Rewards

A few baby products have loyalty programs for parents and caregivers. Being a parent is a rewarding experience that can cost you over $400,000 in 18 years and $10,000 in the first year alone. Well, since we parents are ever so generous, here's a list of products that return the love in their rewards programs
  1. Huggies Diapers - Buy diapers, earn goodies
  2. Pampers Diapers - another buy diapers, earn goodies program
  3. Fisher Price diapers - buy diapers and get discounts on toys
  4. YoBaby yoghurt - feed baby yogurt and get coupons for organic foods etc
  5. Beechnut baby food - eat baby food and get coupons for more baby food
  6. Baby Einstein products - Get goodies while "smartening" your baby
  7. Similac - No purchase necessary. Register and receive periodical emails with benefits and discounts. I've received a couple for
  8. Enfamil - No purchase necessary. Register for coupons and free samples
  9. Seventh Generation - Strange program. You do activities and get coupons for diapers and other eco products.
  10. American Red Cross - Not really a rewards program per se, but if you buy their branded infant care products at Babies R Us or Target, a portion of the retail price will go to them as a donation. That should be emotionally rewarding
For even more savings, I buy my bulk supplies through the Amazon Mom program. It gives me 20% discount off the listed price for diapers and free 2-day delivery to my doorstep.

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Book Review - What to Read When

What to Read When by Pam Allyn, Founder and Director of LitLife

As a child and as an adult, I've always been a ferocious reader. I was the child who ate with a book on my lap and read books under the covers after lights out. Suffice to say, I love reading. My love for books is one gene in my DNA that I really hope that my daughters got. I can't wait to see the delight on their faces when they read books that transport them to another world. Of course, to grow a reader you have to start early; but I didn't know where to start that is until I saw this book in the library and borrowed it.  

The book is divided into three parts: The power of reading aloud, What to read aloud at every age and The emotional when: 50 essential themes. I really borrowed the book because of Part 2: What to read at every age. The section gives a list of books to read aloud to children from birth to 10 years old.

For the stage we're in - birth to 2 years - the book recommendations include
  • Black and white books for newborns
  • Rhythmic cosy books to build rituals like Chicka Chika Boom Boom and Goodnight Moon
  • Baby face books
  • Board books
  • Tactile books for newborns
  • Concept books like Charlie and Lola's Opposites
From the list of books, I get the impression that Ms Allyn knows what she's talking about.

I also loved the part 3 of the book that recommends books to cover 50 essential emotional themes that a child may go through like adoption, coping with illness, courage, creativity, loneliness, loving science etc. It's a pretty extensive list that I find quite insightful.

In summary, I think this book is a good guide for any parent who wants to encourage a child's reading skills but doesn't know where to start.

Super Nine

The girls were 9 months two days ago but I wanted to wait on the official weights from the doctor's visit before posting our stats

SpIce aka Twin A
Weight             18lbs 3oz (Almost no change from last month)
Dress size        9 - 12months
Diaper size       Size 3 

Sugar aka Twin B

Weight             16lbs 15.5oz (Again, only gained 2oz)
Dress size        9 - 12 months
Diaper size       Size 3

No major change to the feeding and sleeping schedule. Early morning bottle around 6am. Breakfast is  still 4oz of solids at 8:30am in the daycare. Lunch is 6-7oz bottle of formula followed by 3oz of solids between noon and 1pm. Afternoon snack is a 6-7oz bottle at 330 PM and dinner is 6-7oz bottle plus 2oz solids or finger foods at 600pm. Bedtime is 7:30pm

We started on stage 3 textures this month. One reason for the lack of weight gain is that both girls have dropped their formula intake. Spice really dropped hers and takes around 24oz daily while Sugar takes 28oz. Doctor says there's nothing to worry about but that's not stopping me from being concerned about the drastic change in growth trends

Top Gear - My fave 5 
Orthodontic pacifiers that glow in the dark - I doubled up on the pacis in the crib thanks to some good advice. Each baby now has 2 pacifiers in their crib every night. No reason to have mummy running helter skelter in the middle of the night looking for the pacis in the crib

Our new playarea. The only safe place to leave them  

It's getting harder and harder to come up with a top 5 list. This month, I can only think of 2

Sugar's crawling and standing up in her crib and Spice will inch her way forward ONLY if she really needs to started army crawling this morning thanks to lil sis hoarding the yellow balloon (Don't ask). Also Ms Spice has 2 of the most gorgeous teeth I've ever seen. 

I wake up to two pairs of brown eyes staring adoringly at me through the crib slats so I suspect I've missed the bus on an easy transition to sleeping in their own room, but only time will tell.

Reading Baby Food Labels

I have never scrutinized food labels in my life, until I had babies. Since then, I read and compare and analyse and drive myself crazy in the middle of the grocery store. Like every other thing in this country, knowledge is power. The more you understand about food labels, the smarter your choices can be - especially for your little ones.

Here's a few tidbits I've gleaned from reading and understanding nutritional labels on baby food.
  1. Serving size: The label is always based on serving size. Check what makes up a serving. Is it more or less than what baby will eat at a sitting?
  2. Calories: Check for calories per serving size. The typical milk-based baby formula contains 20 calories per ounce (this is government regulated). On any food, I mentally convert the calories per serving to calories per ounce. I have no issue with it being higher or lower than 20, just need to know if I need to supplement with more calories or less.
  3. Calories: Babies require around 52 calories per lb of body weight daily (Source: unverified publications)
  4. Ingredients: By default the ingredient list on packaged food starts with the highest  and goes down. So when a fancy puree says peaches and potatoes, and the peaches are the last thing on the ingredient list behind sunset-orange food coloring and peach-flavor - you know exactly how much peaches you have in there. Hint: Not much.
  5. Sugar: Not all sugar is bad or can be eliminated. Some are naturally occurring in the foods being used. Added sugars will be called corn syrup, maple syrup, fructose, sucrose, glucose etc. Is sugar bad, not necessarily as long as it's in moderation and you know how if affects baby. High sugar juice just before bedtime for baby prone to hyperactivity? Not the best idea
  6. Daily value: The vitamins and minerals are usual listed as percentage of a daily value. Does the label specify what constitutes daily value. Some do and some don't. The daily value is usually 2000 calories per day but some companies actually use "daily value for kids" which is less. So 15% vitamin A means nothing unless your sure if it's based on 2000 calories or not.
  7. Sodium: Babies under 12 months need less than 0.4 grams a day.
  8. Further guidelines on sodium can be found in the UK NHS website
  9. Concentrate: Some fruit-based foods contain the fruit concentrate instead of the main fruit. Manufacturers will tell you that the only difference between fruit juice and concentrate is the water content. Well... Tropicana is made from concentrate and Simply Orange Juice is not. A glass of each is a good way to understand what concentrate is. My take, avoid the concentrate when possible
  10. The FDA has a really good guide on reading nutritional labels.
What can I say? A mother's work is never done and we can never know too much when it comes to our kids. Have a great Tuesday. I'm linking up to Amanda's top ten Tuesday.

Introducing Baby to Nigerian Foods

My plan was to introduce the girls to Nigerian food flavors before they turned 9 months and I started doing that 2 weeks ago. The foods I chose to introduce them to are plantains and african yams. Here are the purees I made

Plantain puree for baby
Thanks to NIL for the suggestion to make baby food purees a third carbs, a third protein and a third fruit or vegetables

Ingredients and preparation
  • Organic mixed vegetables from Costco: Steamed 
  • Plantains: Cut off top and bottom. Slice skin lengthwise but leave on. Cut into 2 or 3 pieces. Boil for 20 minutes. Drain and leave to cool. Remove skin - the skin will fall off easily from the part that was previously sliced.
  • Boneless chicken thighs. Spiced and prepared as normal
Once everything was cooled, I pureed together and froze in ice cube trays.
Baby Verdict: Eaten with no complaints.

African Yam Baby Food Puree
Yams are always one of the first foods babies in Nigeria are introduced to. The yam is boiled and mashed and fed to baby with butter or eggs. I did not want to give the girls the omelette I made that morning because it had some jalapenos in it. So I substituted eggs for shredded cheese.

Slice and boil yam. Once soft, cut into cubes and mash with a fork. Add shredded cheddar cheese, mix and microwave for 10 seconds to melt the cheese. Add water to get stage 3 foods consistency
Baby Verdict: No complaints on this either. Due to the consistency of yam and cheese, this will not freeze well so it'll only be eaten on days I'm actually making yam for the adults in the house
Mashed yam and shredded cheese

I've always eaten my yam with butter but never shredded cheese. Tried it for the first time on sunday when I made this puree for the kids and it was delish. I see a lot of cheese in my future... and their's for that matter. And this is where I resist the urge to make any more cheesy jokes and sign off.

Storm in a Sippy Cup

I know I waxed all lyrical about the Green Sprouts Sippy Cups last week, but something happened last night that I am compelled by the federal authorities to disclose to you.

Yesterday evening, Sugar (darling, energizer bunny-like child o' mine) discovered that if you shake Mr Sippy Cup really really really hard, you can make the water in it jump up and come back down onto your face, your chair, mommy's carpet etc. And so she did. And so mommy reaches another milestone in self-feeding with a side of rainmaking.

I'm glad the cup only had water in it but little Miss Rainmaker will be getting a sippy cup with a valve in it pretty soon.

Comparing Baby Yoghurt Melts

Happymelts Strawberry flavored yogurt melt vs Gerber Graduates mixed berries yogurt melt

Ease of finger feeding: The concept of baby melts is that they melt on contact with moisture and somehow my babies always have moist palms. So one melt gets stuck in their palm and they can't see it, eat it or shake  it off. This is not an  issue at this stage because they are not self-feeding pros yet.

Taste to mommy: The Gerber melts are crunchier and taste milky. The Happymelts have a more yogurty taste. The Happymelts texture was softer and there was a chalky feel that I did not like

Taste to babies: They loved 'em

Verdict: Strictly on taste, Gerber takes the cake.

Nutritional facts table

Things to Buy for Baby Twins and Multiples

This is a list for moms pregnant with twins as I share the things that were "good buys" for me - I have twins too. There's so much noise out there on what you need because afterall, the baby industry is a $2.9 billion industry and that money has to come from somewhere!

This is the list I give to any new mom asking me for advice on what a baby needs. Tune out the noise and get this as a minimum for the first couple of months. 3 months into this motherhood business, you'll have a pretty good idea of what will work for you and your baby and what won't.

Every baby needs for the first few months

1. Conveyance from the hospital: A car seat. Regardless of where you buy, take a trip to Babies R Us and test the different brands in your car to see which installs best
2. A place to sleep: Parents in temporary accomodations or planning to move before baby's first birthday, get a pack and play with a bassinet area. Get 2-3 quilted bassinet sheets and you're set. A mini-crib is another option but note that most babies will outgrow a mini-crib before their first birthday.
3. Clothes to wear aka layette: Clothes will be a very common gift once baby is born. For the interim, I'll suggest 5 kimono shirts (for before the umbilical stump falls off), 5 white onesies and 10 footed 100% cotton sleepers. Sleepers eliminate the need for socks. Hats? Get 2 from the hospital and use those. I bought a few hats but my babies were both born below 15-percentile for weight and above 90-percentile for head circumference and all the normal baby hats were too small for us. A couple of weather appropriate blankets, two towels, 5 washclothes. Maybe a carseat bunting if you live in the upper regions of the world
4. Food and feeding supplies
     Breast pump: Rent for the first two months until you're sure how the whole breastfeeding business is going to turn out. Hospital-grade breast pumps can be rented from a number of sources including the local hospitals, local maternity stores, some Babies R Us outlets and online outlets. After two months, you'll know if you need your own breastpump and what type. I initially bought a dual electric pump for almost $200 but I found that I could have gotten away with the $50 pump due to my particular situation. Also, some insurance plans cover breast pump rental so make a few phone calls and find out. AND since 2010, breast pump purchases are now a deductible medical expense on US taxes. Thank you Mrs O.
     Formula: If you're planning to breastfeed, you can get the freebie formula from the hospital and keep that as backup. The freebies come in a diaper bag so you can also hold off that purchase for a couple of months while you decide if you are a winnie the pooh bag mummy or a kalencom
     Bottles: Hospital freebies above come in nursette bottles with pre-sterilized nipples. Bottle purchases can wait until you see how your baby does with the nursette nipples. If you must buy, I've had good experience with Playtex nursers and Avent bottles. One note on bottles, make sure they can screw directly onto the breast pump. All the more common breast pumps can take the standard bottles like evenflo, Dr Brown, gerber etc. Avent bottles can only be used with the Avent breast pump BUT Avent has an adapter to allow the use of their breast pump with standard bottles.
     Bottle warmer? Skip this and keep warmed water in a thermos. Less fumbling to do for the night feedings
     Breastfeeding addons: Lanolin cream and breast pads. Hold off on the nursing bra until you know what the "girls" are going do. A boppy pillow has proven to be useful. 
5.   Stroller - Get a skeletal frame that is compatible with your infant car seat (the snap and go is a popular one). Depending on baby's size and growth rate, you can get 6-12 months usage out of this. Gives you time to decide what type stroller you need for the longer term.
6.   Swing or bouncer. I'd take a swing over a bouncer because my babies were not truly comfortable in their bouncers at newborn size.
7. Diapers and wipes. All the brands have their pros and cons. See my review of newborn brands here
8. Diaper pail. Skip the genie and get something that has a good seal and can use normal trash bags
9. Cleaning supplies.
    A bath tub compatible with your kitchen or bathroom.
   Changing pad or mat depending on how you want to be set up. If you decide to buy a diaper bag before time, most come with a changing mat
   Shampoos and lotions. For peace of mind, stick to the "greener" products or Aveeno.
   Dye-free, fragrance-free or baby-friendly detergent
10. Basic medications. Gas drops, vitamins if breastfeeding, diaper cream

I confess that I suffered from buyer's remorse on a few things I bought before having my twins and I really wish I had listened to the advice to keep it simple. This is a list that showcases what I would purchase pre-baby if I had to do it all over again. Totaled up, I can tell you that getting everything on this list will cost $70-$1000 and not a penny more. 

I also recommend buying from Amazon. Their Amazon Mom program gives you up to one year to return items. That is a far more generous policy than Babies R Us, Walmart, Target and a host of other stores.

Needing Room Decor Tips

I live in an apartment with 3 rooms - master bedroom, guest room and baby room. The baby room is approximately 100sq.ft large and currently has like 12sq.ft of free floor space. The rest of the floorspace has been taken over by office desk (converted to changing table), office chair, mountains of clothes and toys. I can't take it any more. It's driving me crazy this clutter

So this is an SOS from me to you! I need ideas. In the next 2 weeks I plan on getting rid of the pile of clothes, toys and doodahs in the girls' room. The next step of course will be for them to get their own room back. I hope to transition them to their room (hopefully second time will be the charm for us) by their first birthday and I need help.

Specifically I need  decorating ideas for a little girls/toddler room. Nothing too frilly - this mama does not do frilly. If they want frilly, they'll have to get it themselves in say seven ten years.

Pictures - should it be them or family members? Canvas or frame? Any good online services?

I'm messing with the idea of a wall decal as well. I've seen nice ones and not so nice ones?  Yea or nay? Any recommendations

Should their room double as a play room? Or should it be strictly sleeping area and we'll continue playing in the living areas of the the house.

Has anybody applied the Montessori concepts to their toddler's room? How did that work out?

Please help. All ideas welcome. Mama's a few suction cups short of climbing walls here.

Thank you and have a blessed weekend.

On Fire

Since I decided to spend the week posting my comments to the blogs that Mr Google and company won't let me, I was tickled pink to see that Andrea had me picked out for the Blog on Fire Award. Her's is another favorite blog of mine that I try to comment on and end up have to log into blogger like ten times. Andrea is also one of the nicest bloggers you can ever have reading your blog, and she's got some mighty fine BG twins. 

Thanks for the award girl. Now here's the part where I tell you 7 things you don't know about me. Where to start? I'll tell you 7 firsts I've had in my life
  1. I had my first white christmas in Pittsburg/Atlanta two years ago
  2. I am yet to hear my first Justin Bieber song (thank God)
  3. 2008 - My first time in a casino, wherein I discovered there's a little gambler in my DNA
  4. December 2004 - My first visit to Disney. I went to the one in Paris and confirmed what I'd always suspected. I'm just a big kid playing grown-up
  5. I got my first Barbie doll on my 32nd birthday. Thanks sis!
  6. I had my first US-style cupcake with frosting this Saturday. I had two - strawberry and white chocolate. Sigh!
  7.  "Tough times never last but tough people do" is the first personal development book I ever read when I was in my late teens. I'm still applying the concepts today
That's it, seven firsts. Now here's the part where I forward the award to my ten favorite bloggers. What do I do if they already have the award? I love my blogroll, it's full of on fire bloggers. Check em out! Happy hump day everybody

Finger Foods at Eight and Half Months

This is turning out to be the longest comment in the history of blogging. With regards to finger food, here's what's worked for us and what didn't

  1. Worked. Mild cheddar snacking (not thin) slices from Target. I cut in strips and in cubes. Sugar still has a raking grip but can get both strips and cubes into her mouth and enjoyed the cheese. Spice's pincer grip is coming up nicely, but she doesn't have much patience with finger food for now.
  2. Worked. Toasted bread cut in strips
  3. Worked. Baby MumMum. I confess I had a moment of hesitation in buying this when I saw that it was made in China. Then I gave myself a good scolding for presuming that any one country had the market cornered on the issue of food safety and recalls. This really melts in their mouth and is easy to hold. I keep a pack in my bag to stave off hunger in case we run into traffic on our commute home. Disclosure: It is possible that I've eaten a lot more MumMums than the girls. I get hungry in traffic too you know.
  4. Worked. Frozen fruits - mango and apple cubes - in mesh feeder. This is ALWAYS a winner. We use the Sassy Mesh Feeder
  5. Worked. Frozen plain yoghurt in mesh feeder
  6. Did Not Work. Bananas in mesh feeder. Big, brown, slimy, ugly mess
  7. Did Not Work. Bananas in strips or slices - too slippery and soft. Spice mashes it in her hands in disgust
  8. Did Not Work. Baked squash and sweet potato strips - too soft and mushy to make the distance from tray to mouth without falling
  9. Did Not Work. Gerber Lil crunchies veggie dip - Too savory
  10. On the Fence: Apple and watermelon slices - They loved this and could hold the slices easily. I panicked needlessly when Sugar had a piece of melon with a white seed in her mouth and refused to let me scoop it out. We'll shelve these for a while
That's it on the self-feeding front for now. I suspect I'll have nothing to update for another month or so. In the interim, it's another Top Ten Tuesday. I'm linking up with Amanda; she's got some tips on what to do when attending a bachelorette party designed for the young 'uns.

Self Feeding at Eight and Half Months

I don't know if it's my computer settings or what, but I have been struggling with commenting on a number of the blogs that I follow and it irks me to no end. To compensate, I'll be blogging my comments this week.

So last week, Ms Megan was talking about "Sippy cups and self feeding". As our daughters were born one month apart, I really wanted to comment on her post. Here's our self feeding report card:

Sippy Cups - With the sippy cups, I may have been in a rush, but babies can never be rushed. I have to step back and let them do things at their own pace. My plan is to get them accustomed to drinking from a spout, learn to tilt the cup and finally hold their own sippy bottles and drink a 7oz feeding without drama. Easier said than done.

I have a cupboard full of different configuration sippy cups, but our most successful has been the Green sprouts sippy cup.

It was love at first sight for me and this particular sippy because it met all my requirements for a sippy cup. I got ours from Wholefoods but it's available on Amazon from a number of sellers. We've had the most success with this because:
  • It's not too heavy so the girls can lift it when it's full of water.
  • It has no valve so there isn't much sucking effort required on their part and it made it easier for them to figure out what to do with it.
  • I use water to prevent stains on all sorts of places liquids can be flung and also because the girls haven't liked juice so far (Guess mommy's sweet tooth didn't infiltrate their DNA, thank God)
  • It's compact and easy to keep clean when travelling because the spout can be bent into the cover - that's exactly what I was looking for; an efficient design with no bulk
I fill the cup and the girls can drink from it by themselves but start pulling air once the fluid level drops. They are yet to master the art of the lift and tilt.

That's how far we've come in the transition to a sippy cup. Compared to all the babies on my babycenter birth board that have not only mastered the art of the sippy but can also harvest their own strawberries, blend them and make a mean smoothie; we're may seem to still be on square one. But like they say in my native language "You can't work with another man's clock". I'm happy with where we are and patiently waiting for the next step. Our food report comes tomorrow. 

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