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10 March 2011

Well, I've spent the week talking about the apps on my android phone that contribute to my twin parenting 101 journey - the recalls app and the scheduling app. Here's a third and perhaps the app with the most mileage. Its my screenlight app.

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I use this app as a nightlight for preparing nighttime bottles and feedings. That's because my babies sleep in their own crib but right by my bedside and I have their bottles, formula and water on the nightstand ready for when they wake to eat. I needed a nightlight that was bright enough for me to use in preparing bottles yet small and dim enough not to wake up the babies. This light on my phone did just that. It comes with different color lights (I use the white light) and has adjustable brightness buttons.

I did try using a plug-in nightlight but the positioning was difficult. For me to be able to see the bottles I was preparing at night, it had to be in a position that was also beaming light straight into the crib. I also tried a battery-powered closet light from Home Depot. It was good in that I could keep it on the nightstand and turn it on and off as needed unlike the plug-in. However, when I needed to change the batteries after 2 weeks of use, it was time to explore more cost-effective options. Enter the free screenlight app from the android market. One of my best freebies yet..

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