Favorite Toy at Three and Half Months

04 March 2011

This post should really be titled "Babies are simpler than you think." You know my type-A-ness has been buzzing and trying to look for toys for my girls. I've read books and browsed aisles full of multicolored animals and such. In the end, the babies are just a couple of weeks over 3 months and as the experts said, mommy is their favorite toy. Next to mommy, they love their hands and spend hours looking, chewing and shadow boxing. Next on that list for my babies is the oball.

I had bought a gigantic one that looked interesting to my adult eyes but was ignored by them. I then bought a much smaller one with links and a rattle in babies r us for less than $5. I don't get it but dem kids love it. It's perfect for this age because they are working on the milestone of grabbing and swiping at objects and this is the right shape and weight for their little hands. I hang it off the mobile of their swing (in stationary mode) and they have a ball with it - pardon the pun. :)

Dear oball makers, this is mama writing to say thank you.

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