Saving money on brand name formula for twins - Part 1

14 March 2011

Got twins?! Got no milk?! Welcome to my world. If you're supplementing with formula or fully feeding formula, you know that it's a major part of the costs for the first one year. Formula feeding twins exclusively can easily add an additional $200-$300 to a family's food budget. A good price-point for brand name formula is 13 cents per oz. Stock up whenever you can get it close to that price-point.

Here are some tips on saving money on brand name formula
  • Buy from the warehouse clubs like BJS, Sam's and Costco
  • Buy from the grocery store when its on sale but first of all, make sure the sale price is a real sale price and the lowest available from all retailers. I've got some good sales from my neighbourhood Kroger and CVS at various times. With CVS, rely on the online ad and not the store sticker. I've noticed with a few CVS stores in my area that they omit putting the sale price on popular baby items sometimes and I would have passed up the deal if I hadn't checked the ad.
  • Check for deals and sales on in babies r us. I find babies r us to be expensive but they do occassionally have good deals. (Very rarely)
  • Check for coupons in your pediatrician's office. Mine has a basket of baby-related coupons at checkout and usually includes $5 coupons for similac and $2 coupons for enfamil
  • Ask for free samples from the pediatrician's office. Don't be shy, don't be proud! The formula sales reps gave them samples for a reason.Ask and ye shall be given is the mantra here 
  • If you choose to shop, check their coupon page before you buy. If your formula is part of amazon's subscribe and save program, you also get 15% off the list price for a bulk purchase. Currently, Earth's Best Formula and Isomil are listed. When I fed the twins liquid (ready to feed) formula, the best bulk price for me was from Amazon.
  • Lookout for sales on Earth's Best formula at WholeFoods Supermarket or your organic grocer.
The second part of this post continues tomorrow with tips on individual manufacturer's deals.

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