Size 2 Disposable Diaper Review

28 March 2011

I enjoyed my newborn diaper review so much so that I looked forward with relish to reviewing other sizes. I skipped the size 1 because I was pretty much stocked up on just two brands and there would have been no variety. However, we are now in size two diapers and I'm having a ball testing the different brands. All the brands I have here are the only ones I would consider using for various reasons which are too long-winded for this post
I have ranked the diapers "Excellent, Good, Okay and Poor" in several categories. Here are the results in no particular order:

Pampers swaddlers sensitive  
Cost & availability: Okay. Size 2 Swaddlers Sensitive has been really hard to find at the usual brick-and-mortar retailers. I snapped up the last one in Target and used a coupon.
Blowout performance: Good
Night time performance: Okay. Didn't leak so much as wick. PJs always felt damp in the morning
Fit: Good
Verdict: The softest of all the diapers and also the only one with the pee indicator line. It was an okay, not particularly memorable diaper 

Pampers Baby Dry
Cost & availability: Excellent. Readily available and an be got for as low as 15 cents per diaper or even less. I got my box from Amazon for a lot less than 15c per diaper
Blowout performance: Good
Night time performance: Good
Fit: Good
Verdict: Overall, this is a good diaper. The only issue I had with it was this really strange chemical smell 

Huggies little snugglers
Cost & availability: Good. Readily available but hard to find deals close to 15c per diaper
Blowout performance: Poor. Leaked from the legs and from the back.  Nighttime performance: Okay
Fit: Okay. The frills on the legs do not open automatically when the diaper is unfolded. The implication of this lots of leaks and wetness 
Verdict: I really want to be Team Huggies but their blowout (non)performance is making it really hard for me. I think it may have to do with the fact that they're shorter than the other size 2 diapers. (see picture)

Earth's Best
Cost and availability: Okay. Hard to find. I purchased the pack I used from Babies r Us and I used coupons that I printed off their website. Buying in bulk from the Amazon Subscribe and save program is a good idea. Also available at Whole Foods market but more expensive
Blowout performance: Okay
Night time performance:Okay. Did not keep baby dry
Fit:Okay. The fit was awkward on my girls (and they're about 1lb apart in weight) and that contributed to the leaks and blowouts in my opinion
Verdict: Mama can be green and crunchy when it doesn't cost an arm, a leg and two toenails. Out of the pack, this diaper reminded me a little too much of Target's Up and Up brand (not a good memory) and it crinkled! I'm not one to judge a book by its cover or a diaper by its crinkles, so I proceeded in good faith. I did not find anything enjoyable about these diapers

Seventh Generation
Cost and availability: Okay. Not readily available in a lot of retail outlets. Purchased my pack at Babies R Us and I used coupons that I printed off their website. Buying in bulk from the Amazon Subscribe and save program is a good idea as I've seen this diaper available for 17 cents per diaper which is not bad for "organic". Also available at Whole Foods market but more expensive there
Blowout Performance: Excellent. Only blowout was in a filled-up night time diapy.

Night time performance: Good.
Fit: Okay. Seems a bit narrower than the others and would ride really high at the hip and leave deep elastic marks.
Verdict: This diaper really surprised me. I expected that it would be a poor performer because of the whole natural thing. I was wrong. The babies' skin was always dry when I took these off regardless of how full the diaper was. As long as I can get this for a good price, I have no complaints whatsoever. 

This was quite entertaining for me real cheap thrills and the winner of the  size 2 diaper throwdown in mytwintopia is... drum roll please... Pampers Baby Dry and Seventh Generation. I will be glad to buy these again if I had to.

Notice how short the Huggies is compared to the others
The "Does this make my butt look fat" test. Who's flat and who's not?
Total 488 size 2 diapers used. Gulp! Makes me want to rethink the whole cloth diaper business. I'll talk about that tomorrow

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