Clothes Shopping for Baby - Hidden Gems at Macys

28 February 2011

Let me put it out there, I love shopping at Macys. Not only that, I consider Macys to be a haven for hidden treasures. My normal shopping style is frugal and you would think that a department store like Macys shouldn't be on any frugal person's list; but it's on mine because
  • I never pay full retail, I shop the sales and clearance aisles only
  • I combine coupons on special sale days
  • I shop off-season or at the end of the season
Following these rules, it's easy to score good quality duds at lower than clearance prices in a Macys near you. Here's an example: I've been eyeing these Carter's corduroy dresses but prices at the usual retailers (babies r us, amazon, JC Penney, Carters Outlet etc) have ranged from full retail of $32 to sales price of $12.60. Combining the Macy's shopping rules above, I purchased each for $4.49. Don't need an abacus to calculate those savings :)   

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