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Thankful for 5 years

One of the things that got me back to churning out blog posts was a recent dig into the Mytwintopia archives. I had just measured the twins for their 5th birthday stats and read somewhere that kids height at age 2 doubled will be their final adult height. I scratched my head trying to recall how tall Sugar and Spice were at 2 and ended up on their 2nd birthday posts. The nostalgia! Back then, I didn't imagine a time would come when my memories would be blurry. However, as the years have rolled by, the memories have blended into one big glob of happiness in my mind so I'm really grateful and blessed to have things recorded and documented on this blog. (Speaking of documentation, Johanna is queen and she's building one heck of a memory book for her twin girls.)

So we celebrated the big 5 last week. I had initially planned on the girls having their first birthday party at age 5 but with daycare friends behind us and kindergarten friends still being too new, I put that off for…

Let's play catchup

It feels like it's been a lifetime ago since my last post but it's only been 6 months. 6 months of soooo much going on that I find my last post to be quite poignant. The picture in that post is my dad with Spice. It's one of my favorites ever. 
My dad passed away in August. It's been a few months now but my feelings are still so raw that words are inadequate; no words can fully convey the mind-blowing pain of losing a loved one. Especially someone as incredible as my dad. He put so much effort into being the best parent that he could. My mind was blank for the first couple of months but now I see reminders of him everywhere. The twins just turned 5 and for the first time, there were no birthday cards from Grandpa. Outside of the card from mommy and daddy, the card from grandpa was the only other sure one for their birthday. I could have a verbal projectile vomit right now and just keep writing about my dad (it's therapeutic too) but I'll stop here for now and mo…