Clothes Shopping for Baby - Buying by Brand

02 March 2011

The only thing more exciting than dressing myself is dressing my babies. Today's post is about the brands I've gravitated to so far and my reasons for doing so. I know there are nicer brands out there, but most have been eliminated by my golden rule. (Nothing above $10)
  • Gerber. Available in Walmart, Target, BabiesRUs, Amazon. This brand has a reputation for being cut small and shrinking after wash according to my SILs. I've bought 3-pack newborn-size sleepers in this brand. Why? Well asides from the fact that twins are generally born smaller, the average baby will stay in a newborn size for 4 to 6 weeks so these clothes have a cheapness requirement and not a durability requirement for me. Gerber is cheap. I got the mittens and hats pack for sizes 0-3 months for same reason - won't be used for long
  • Carters. Available in most baby apparel retailers plus Carters outlets. Said to run true to size and quality is good enough not to shrink with frequent washings. To be honest, the onesies, sleepers and  rompers will be the workhorse of my baby wardrobe for the first one year. I like the one-piece outfit concept for easy changes. Babies will spend their first year sleeping, playing and romping so this works just fine for me. The best deals I've got have been from the Carters outlets and not from resellers. I also got their pvc-backed bibs and the bigger blankets. They have regular 20% off coupons. Don't shop without one. CAVEAT: The quality endorsement applies to "Carters" brand and not the "Just One Year by Carter's" brand sold in Target and sometimes Walmart
  • Oshkosh b'gosh. Pricier sister brand to Carters. Available in own outlets and select retailers plus shares an online website with Carters. This brand is generally too pricey for me but the quality seems excellent and I love their denim pieces and overalls. They also have regular 20% off coupons. I walked to the back  of the store and shopped the clearance racks when they have a 30% off clearance promotion. Bought 2 thick outerwear coveralls (for spring-type weather) and adorable denim jumpers for the inevitable daycare days. This will be a good brand for the active toddler years so I guess I have a year or two to figure out how to shop here at MY price point. In the meantime, my strategy is to buy bigger sizes off season at clearance.
  • Old Navy. Available in their stores and online. Supposed to be good but I'm on the fence because I don't have a good opinion of the quality of their adult brands. I bought some onesies in faith 3 years ago for a good clearance deal (I'm talking a dollar a piece here). My more recent visits to Old Navy have yielded zero purchases so this brand is in the doghouse for me
  • Gap. Available in stores and online. Upscale pricier brother brand to Old Navy. Quality is said to be excellent and I believe that because I've had a good experience with their maternity clothes. Another brand that I'd love to buy if the prices could come down a bit. Should be good for the toddler years.
  • Garanimals. Walmart brand. I have no idea what the sizing or quality on these are but this I know - I love the colors. Walk by the Walmart baby section at certain times of the year and you'll see these colorful pieces all priced at $3 or less. I made my first purchase a few years ago and look forward to having baby try them on. The main selling point for me is the more adult colors they have as an alternative to the standard pastel blue, green and pink. I expect to shop this brand for everyday tees and tops especially when the kids start growing like weeds and outgrow the clothes faster than I can get through the Walmart checkout line.
Those are the brands in my baby closet for now. On my to be explored list are Gymboree and the Children's place for everyday pieces. I am of course open to the more high-end brands as long as they are within the right price range. (ie on the clearance rack of TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Macys). There you have it. 
Walmart Garanimals Onesies in colors I love.

Old Navy Onesies

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