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Destination Motherhood: A Twin Birth Story

This time 3 years ago, I picked up my hospital bag and headed to Methodist Hospital Houston to deliver my fraternal twin girls. I was 39 weeks pregnant. I didn't know what to expect and I didn't have a birth plan. I was going to wing it on hope and prayer because in my wildest dreams, I did not imagine an ending as surreal and ordinary as me walking into labor and delivery to have twin babies on just another Tuesday. 

I'm sharing my birth story today on the HDYDI blog.  I hope you'll stop over to read it and the many other stories from twin moms.

Cheap Thrills For the 3 Year Old

My girls will be turning 3 in a few days and I've spent the last couple of months researching and buying the "best toys" for their age. However, the realization hit me recently that the things that make my girls giddily happy most of the time are actually low-cost and I could totally give them a great birthday experience without breaking the bank. 

Here's my list of cheap and thrilling potential gifts for my 3 year olds (and maybe yours too)

A letter addressed to them in the mailbox. Spice has be walking around with an envelope with her name on it for 3 days now. She slept with it under her pillow. She knows I pick up the mail every evening and now recognizes that her name written down. Imagine her joy if I actually bring out an envelope with HER name on it from the mailboxA flashlight - any generic one from a dollar store would do. The girls beg and plead to play with the ones we have at home almost dailyStickersOld gadgets - like an old computer keyboard or camera. I…

Potty Training - The Final Chapter?

It has finally happened. Today my Sugar slept in her big girl undies all night and woke up DRY! That's right people. Approximately
569 days after they first sat on a potty
293 days after I actively started the potty training
I have potty-trained twins!

Night Potty Training Twins: The final Chapter - How it happened.
Part 1: Spice was the first to become night trained. One night after she had conquered the daytime part of using the potty, she woke up screaming and frantic. I thought she had a nightmare but also notice she seemed fidgety. I took her to the potty and she peed and went back to sleep. That was the last time she needed to sleep in a diaper. She's been dry overnight and diaper-free ever since.
Time to fully potty train? Around 100 days

Part 2: Sugar also had a screaming fidgeting episode overnight and I followed the same formula I used with Spice. She stayed dry for 2 nights and on the third her bed was soaked so I put her back in diapers. She continued to use and soak her …