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Best Diaper Bag for Twins and Triplets

As a twin parent, shopping for the perfect diaper bag for twins is a requirement to having successful family outings. I have used a few different bags with my twins and believe that I found the best diaper bag to use with my twins and by best, I mean cute AND functional. 

I want to share some recommendations based on my experience. Most of these bags will work for parents of twins and triplets who'll find themselves needing to move around with a lot of stuff.
Diaper bags for twins

Designer Diaper Bags for Twins

Nowadays, (especially with the increase in celebrity twin parents) there are a lot of designer brands making spacious diaper bags for twins including Coach, Ju-Ju-Be and Petunia Pickle Bottom. Initially, I wanted a stylishly cool diaper bag that screamed "I'm not just a mommy" and I narrowed down to this pretty little Oioi number. It's deliciously stylish but a little small for all the junk important stuff you need to carry around with twins.
Coach diaper bag


Practical Twin Diaper Bags

However, the pricing was $$$ so I decided to check with other twin parents. A lot of parents go for the Skip Hop brand and for good reason. Their quality has been top notch. Among their lineup of diaper bags, the Duo Double Deluxe (pictured below) is specifically marketed towards people with multiple children. It's very big with plenty of pockets to store all the necessities and comes in several designs though the black one is the overwhelming favorite. I liked it, but would have preferred something smaller. Am I beginning to sound like Golidlocks? Too big then too small?!

Black SkipHop Duo Double Deluxe
Patterned SkipHop Duo Double Deluxe


Finally, I settled on the Eddie Bauer Heritage Tote. It's not the prettiest to look at, but I love this bag because it has enough pockets to fulfill my obsessive need to organize stuff and is made of sturdy canvas and doesn't stain easily. It's been my staple bag for the last 2 years of shuttling my twins around and still shows no signs of wear or tear.

Eddie Bauer Tote
The choice of a diaper bag for twins is one of those different strokes for different folks scenario. If there was one final recommendation that I can make, it'll be to browse what's available, read reviews from other users and then make a choice.

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