Book Review - The Secret of Play

03 March 2011

The Secret of Play: How to raise smart, healthy, caring kids The Secret of Play by Ann Pleshette Murphy

This is another book I got to help in my search for the best toys. The subtitle says "How to raise smart, healthy, caring kids from birth to age 12" and it was written in collaboration with FAO Schwarz.

This is a well-written and easy to read book. It's sectioned by age from birth to twelve years. Each section then explores the play milestones for that age. For instance, the milestones for the first one year include
  • Reach for a mobile
  • Play peek-a-boo
  • Feel different textures
  • Bond with you
  • Kick in a bouncy seat
  • Focus on self in a mirror
  • Grasp a rattle
Each milestone is then explained in terms of what to expect, why it's happening and how to interact/help your kid.

I loved this bbok. If I could only have one book about play and toys on my bookshelf, it would be this. It's a buy and keep.

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