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31 Letters to a Twin Mom

Like I did last year, I'm going to spend the month of October participating in 31 days of change being hosted by the Nester blog. My topic for this October? 31 letters to the twin mom I have been over the last 31 months. It's a reflection of the good, the bad and the "what the...?" 

So for the 31 days of October, I'll have:

One month pregnant with twins - This time will be differentTwo months pregnant with twins - Courage and stupidtyThree months pregnant with twins - Pregnancy style 101Four months pregnant with twins - Twin pregnancy is scary businessFive months pregnant with twins - A blog is cheaper than a shrinkSix months pregnant with twins - Murphy was a woman pregnant with twinsSeven months pregnant with twins - Read the return policyEight months pregnant with twins - Let 'em bakeBrand new mom of twins - The day my life changedMom of 1 month old twins - Post-partum hormones are dangerousMom of 2 month old twins - Breastfeeding twins is hard AND possibleM…

6 Discipline Tips That Work For Twin Toddlers

These two smiling faces are the ones that come to my mind when I think of where I want to take my girls behaviour-wise in a year's time. Their mommy in my opinion is a great example of the balance I am trying to achieve with Sugar and Spice when it comes to discipline. Her style is firm but not stiffling. Her girls are lively AND well-behaved. I was tickled pink when MandyE agreed to share her discipline tips in this guest post. Read, enjoy and be blessed!

When Olusola asked me to write on the topic of discipline, I was at once honored and scared.  While I think our 3 ½-year old twin girls are generally well-behaved, I feel like a pretty far cry from an expert on the art of discipline.

I’m here to share a few of the overarching tenets of what has worked for us over the past couple of years.  I don’t know that there are any “answers” here, but I hope it might spur some dialogue.  The only thing I’m certain of is that there’s no one right answer, and we can all learn at least a little…

The No-Cry Discipline Solution

In my ongoing pursuit of discipline tips for toddlers, I went to the library to borrow The Happiest Toddler on the Block. Unfortunately, it was out on loan so I borrowed The No-Cry Discipline Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. This is a review of the book.
Contents: The book is divided into 4 sections. The first section deals with the parentin attitudes essential for No-Cry Discipline. The second section deals with parenting skills and tools. The third section deals with staying calm and avoiding anger. In the last section, the author shares tips for specific situations. 
My Review: I found the third section to be the most useful because it encourages a parent to dissociate their perception of a child's misbehaviour from the child's actual thoughts. In other words, a misbehaving child is not an indictment of failure on a parent. Apart from this section, I found it hard to relate to or accept the advice this book was advocating. Most of the suggested skills and tools in section 2 jus…

Potty in The Family Room

Dear Mom I was in 2011,
Look at you! Type A mom with plans of potty training your twins with a wand and a snap of your fingers all within the confines of the bathroom. I remember the look of horror on your face; the first time you saw a blogger post a photo of a potty that was not positioned in the toilet. All those germs free to roam the family living spaces and let's not forget the "sweet" smell of pooped-by-a-now-eating-solids-toddler. Don't scoff! One day you too will position a potty in the middle of your living room. And you will survive the experience And you will empty the potty without cringing or holding your nose And you will throw away the spoon that somehow found its way into the potty. Look how far you've come, old me. I hope you've humbly learnt your lesson.
love, me Mom of today
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Favorite Books at 22 Months

The girls love most of their books for different reasons but these two stand out from the rest

My Little Word Book
This is a board book with actual and realistic photos of animals, food, clothes, toys etc. All in all, there are 216 photos (yes, I was OCD enough to count.) The twins love this because as their vocabulary increases, they are able to recognize a lot of things and ask me to name them in the book. I'm quite proud of the fact that Spice recognizes and can name most of the items on the food and drink page as well as the animals.

Five Little Ducks
I originally bought this book when the girls were going through their "duck" phase. They loved ducks and could "quack" for minutes on end. This is actually a book of action nursery rhymes and on each page, there are sketches of a monkey demonstrating the hand motions for the rhyme. Well would you know it, a few nights ago I saw that Sugar would turn the page and imitate the hand actions of the monkeys illustrated.…

Teaching Kids Moderation by Example

Issues of discipline have been on my mind lately - I have 22 month old twins! The conclusion for me is that toddlers need the first two forms of discipline: practice of good behaviour and penalties for misbehaviour. (Hopefully more practices than penalties). Part of developing good habits is to learn moderation and I've asked Kristin, a fellow multiples mama to share. I hope you enjoy the story she's sharing as much as I do
*     *     *
Teaching our Kids Moderation by Example

The shears are close to his ears and I can see his chin start to quiver. He looks at me like, "Don't do it mom. Don't let this lady cut my ears off. I'm so young. Save me." The woman in her apron looks at me as he screams and throws his head forward and back and says, "I can't cut his hair unless he calms down. Can I give him a sucker?" I look at him, crying and clearly being scarred as we speak. We have a family gathering! He can't go looking like Cousin It. I look a…

22 Month Old Royals

My princesses turned 22 months yesterday and with age comes royalty. I’m not talking royalty ala Disney’s Aurora and Ariel though; it’s more of a royal rumble in the Calgary jungle. All that’s missing is the extra-large boxing gloves. So let me tell you what mini-Ali and mini-George have been up to in the last one month: Food Style Apples: Ali likes her apples skinless and sliced very thinly. George likes her apples in quarters Shishi (Chicken): Ali will transform a chicken wing to mere bones in 4 minutes on a good day. George prefers her chicken diced and daintily place in her mouth Apu (actually plums): Ali will take a few bites of the fleshy part of a plum and she’s done. George eats it clean to the seed. Fashion Style Ali is now fashion conscious and love to tell mommy EXACTLY what she wants to wear in the morning. She seems to question my fashion-savvy Both girls now love having bows and such on their hair. Exciting for a mom who purchased 40 plus pieces of hair doodahs over a year ago …

Getting Decor Ideas for Our New Home

The excitement has slowly been building up for me since we waived the conditions on our soon-to-be new home. To stop me from driving myself crazy, I've spent the last few months browsing for design ideas. My favorite sources have been:

Houzz: This is an app that has millions of decor pictures. The pictures can be browsed by room, decor style or by metro area. There's also a search function - I've been doing a lot of searching for "grey walls" and "murals". One great feature is that I can save my favorite pictures in an ideabook with notes.

  Furniture and home decor stores: When I had a few free hours last week, I went browsing furniture stores in the area. The good thing with doing this is you get an idea of what's available in the area and pricing. Plus furniture store displays that are like mini-rooms are a treasure trove of ideas for home accents

Blogs: Lots of decor blogs out there in the blogosphere but there are very few I can relate to.…

Baby Jogger City Mini - 18 Months Later

It's been 18 months since I first got the Baby Jogger City Mini Double stroller and sang it's praises. Where do I stand today? The stroller has it's pros and cons but there's still no stroller currently in the market that I'd rather own. Let's start with the cons.
Basket: The basket is so hard to access and limited in what it can hold that it's almost useless. On day trips to places like the zoo, I do envy those moms with huge stroller baskets. To combat this problem, the Mommy Hook has come in very usefulWheel: One of the front well occasionally gets stuck in that straight mode but I think a little grease or some kind of maintenance is all that's neededBack Support: The stroller has a soft back support and seems to make the girls slouch. The company does sell firmer back support pads for $20 each. I found one to buy in store but it didn't fit my stroller. Not happy about this at all and buying the back support from their US site and shipping to Cana…

Mazda5: The Micro Minivan That Could

I remember the day we bought the Madza5 minivan vividly. I wasn't exactly a happy car buyer. I was swapping a sporty red Mazda3 for a white minivan. My swagger felt wounded but we bought the car anyway. It was in October of 2010 and I was already past 36 weeks pregnant so we couldn't put off buying a new twin-friendly car any longer.
A month later, I started to appreciate the "hauling" capacity of my micro-minivan. This is almost 2 years later and I must say, the Mazda5 is quite a hauler inspite of it's small appearance. In the last 2 years, apart from my 2 babies, I've also hauled
Gazillion bags of groceries Diapers and wipes by the cartons3 strollers at the same time: A double stroller, a single Chicco stroller AND a snap n go stroller4 adults and 2 babies (VERY cozy setup)2 area rugs and a bar stoolA wagon with its trailerAn outdoor playhouse (30 minutes of sweat in 55degF weather to get this puppy in, but we did it)A toy kitchen and toy washing machineAn Ik…

Chores for 22 Month Olds

In my last monthly update, I mentioned that the girls like to help out and I'm making a conscious effort to give them "tasks".

So as part of their nightly chores, I get them to mop the floors and take out the trash!

I call them chores but they're really just little tasks to redirect their energies and once they know something is their job, they are very focused on completing the task at hand. Our task list includes
- taking their dirty clothes to the hamper
 - handing over the clean dishes in the dishwasher to mommy (only done with one child at a time and on the rare occasion that they are in the kitchen with me)
- helping to transfer the wet clothes from the washer to the dryer
- *drumroll please* picking up their toys before bedtime. This is such a big one for me. It takes 7-10 minutes and involves me pointing at every toy in the living room and asking them to take it to their toy corner. The more we do this, the more they grasp the concept. I do need to buy some toy bo…

Going to the Movies With Toddlers

It appears that quite a few of the big name movie theatre chains have special movie packages for parents with very young kids. I've been looking into the ones available to us in Calgary. Our options are:
Cineplex Odeon (Canada).They host Cineplex Family Favorites at 11:00am on Saturdays. This is available in select theatres only but is quite a good deal with a $2.50 admission tag. With them, you don't get to pick the movie and my main concern with this is that the movies will run well into naptime (12:30 - 2:30ish) and that could make the babies cranky. More information and current listings are available on their website

Empire Theatres (Canada)
Their program is called the Empire Reel Babies and to quote the website,
"Twice a month, you can see a new release 'grown-up' movie in a baby-friendly environment. We keep the lights on dim, and lower the volume so you can watch the film while caring for your little one. Each Reel Babies auditorium is equipped with a change t…

Imaginative Baby Proofing

Do you remember this post? Well, here's how I solved that problem. I'm short one headband but at least now the shoes and coats stay IN the closet.

Superyard: For babies and TVs to stay safe in
Can you relate? It's amazing how many things around the house can pull double duty.

Linking up with my Calgary peeps, Ms Ginger's Wordful/Wordless Wednesday
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Choosing a Preschool

"Start Registering for Preschool"That's the reminder that stared me in the face on Saturday. I had set the reminder earlier in the year that come September, I would start registering the twins for preschool. Why so early you ask? Well, turns out some preschools in Calgary have serious waitlists. I'm talking over a year here so it's not too early to start looking for a preschool that fits in with my personal circumstances.

I've got a lot to think about and (limited) choices to consider including:

Location: The preschool has to be located in close proximity to my home-to-work commute route. That is what sets the boundary conditions for the preschools I will consider.

Full time or Part time? Full day or half day? Unless something unexpected happens, I plan to still be working fulltime outside the home next year so I definitely need a full time, full day preschool program. The alternative would be to signup for a half day program and get a nanny or some form of hom…