2012 in numbers

31 December 2012

11 - Number of surprise valentine's day packs each girl received
10 - Total number of pounds the girls have gained (Thank God for Dapper Snappers)

9 -  Number of grey hairs this ER visit added to my head
8 -  Pairs of shoes each girl owned / owns (Mayhaps mama has a shoe problem?!)
7 - Number of suitcases we lived in for the first few months of the year
6 - Number of fruits I used in the twins' birthday fruit tray (double that for the number of mini cupcakes I ate to compensate)
5 - Number of homes we lived in the last 12 months
4 - Number of weeks spent trying to re-sleep train my girl Spice
3 - Number of photo sessions we had with professionals - So worth it (includes school pictures)
2 - super blessings living in my house
1 - super blessed mama to have seen it all this last 12 months! Hopeful for an even better 2013


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