Our Urban Suburban

09 July 2012

Have you ever watched the show Urban Suburban on HGTV? It's a show where 2 hosts try to find a family their dream home. The "Urban" host tries to find them a downtown home that won't break the bank and still meet their space needs. The "Suburban" host tries to find the family a unique home in the suburbs. I've caught a few episodes and most recently, we've been living our own version of Urban-Suburban.

Since moving to Calgary, we've been looking for our "perfect home". It's neither urban nor suburban. It's something in-between. The suburb detached homes are nice and big but have long commutes and high maintenance requirements. The urban condos are too small for four but have the lure of low maintenance and easy commute. So we settle for the in-between: a decent-sized, semi-inner city townhouse. 
+   =

AND we found it. And made an offer. And it was accepted. And had an inspection. And it was good. And come September, we'll be the proud owners of a 4 bedroom townhouse (with enough space to grow and no lawn to mow)

You know what that means in terms of blogging right? I'm going to have so many questions to ask, you just may hate me by the time September rolls in. But for now, please share our excitement. We found a house y'all!!!

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