Dapper Snappers Review

12 May 2012

Even without the help of growth charts, it's pretty obvious that I have the quintessential tall, skinny toddlers. The clothes tell the story. Dresses have to be worn with leggings otherwise they look ridiculously short and skimpy. 12m pants fit at the waist but are too short. 18m pants are the perfect length but gape (and sometimes fall completely) at the waist.

So it was with a lot of pleasure that I made my latest impulse buy - the Dapper Snapper. The concept is simple but effective; a toddler half belt that fits into belt loops and is fastened in place. I love it. I know if I had a crafty bone, I could probably sew something to serve the same purpose but I don't and I didn't. Since I bought these, the girls have been able to wear better fitting pants. Bonus points for all the colorful designs available.

This mama loves her Dapper Snappers

I'm linking up to Julia's Mama Loves. I enjoy linking up  every time I can because it gives me an opportunity to blog about some of the little "unimportant" things that I love and make a difference in my everyday twin mom life. So hop over to Julia's blog and see what the other mamas are loving this week. 

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