Life Lessons In a Suitcase

The family and I have lived out of suitcases for the last 3 months and counting. We initially started with 7 but I have that number down to 5. I can't believe I did it AND I survived and even learnt a thing or two or eight

  • I don't need as many shoes as I think I do - I'm down to one pair of boots and loving it. No morning self-debates in the closet trying to decide between the light brown boots and the dark brown boots
  • I don't need as much clothes as I think I do.
  • If you're going to live in a few clothes, pay extra special attention to the washing machine settings. I'm currently wearing grey acid-wash skinny jeans. In October, they were black skinny jeans but 3 months and one mistaken hot wash later...
  • My babies don't need as many clothes. I've been cycling the same 4 outfits. I'm forced to face up to the fact that we are going to have a lot of unworn clothes with tags on them. Time to reread the post on things to do with old baby clothes
  • Toddlers don't need that many toys. We have just enough toys to prevent boredom and even those are not really needed. The girls level of enjoyment with their toys is same as the fun they have with an empty water bottle, a can of puffs, a few pillows and all the receipts in mommy's handbag.
  • Same goes for gear and equipment. We have 4 books, 2 booster chairs, 6 sippy cups, 2 bowls and 2 divided plates.
  • I'm the hypochondriac daughter of my hypochondriac father. No matter where we are, one of the first things I do is stock up on pain relievers, benadryl, saline drops and Vicks vapor rub. Adult and baby versions of all
  • I am mucho super blessed to have adaptable babies who have been quite tolerant of gallivanting the world with mommy and daddy.


  1. LOL! You are SO right! I know that we have WAY more than we need - WAY more! Being forced to live out of suitcases for a while would make that even more apparent I suspect. I can see the clothes, but the baby gear, wow! How can you survive with only 4 books?!

  2. I second Miss Megan's comment. Just four books? I assume you read them hundreds of times per day. How do you maintain sanity?

  3. Where are you NOW?!?!?! :)

    Happy Heart Day!

  4. We have too many things also. And when we have to travel, I'm guilty of over-packing. It's terrible!!!


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