Immigrant Family Goals

02 January 2013

Being new immigrants to Canada, we've tried to be intentional with our family choices to ensure that we integrate fully into this land we now call home. With that in mind, here's a list of goals that have been helpful to us as a new immigrant family in Canada. 

  • Support well-run independent retailers. While I was shopping for toys last Christmas, I noticed the dearth of independent toy stores and the large number that had closed shop. It made me sad because most of those stores had unique inventory that couldn't be found in Toys R Us (I'm not a fan of BRU or TRU). This year, I'll be putting my money where my mouth is and supporting independent small businesses 
  • Make "greener" lifestyle choices. Calgary has a wealth of organic food options and I intend to explore them fully. Last time I was in the grocery store arguing with my self over the cost of organic foods, the sarcastic little voice inside me whispered "it's cheaper than chemo!"
  • Calgarise my family. Get local, shop local, eat local, appreciate the ins and outs of my new home town Calgary
  • Connect. Strengthen old connections and make new ones. This will require stepping out of my introverted little box
  • Sign kids up for physical activity and musical classes. (I think Spice would love the music and Sugar would love the tumbling). That's hard because most classes are run on weekdays during work hours and expect a one child to adult ratio
These are more life action plan than resolutions. They are also things that I look forward to doing and experiences I look forward to sharing with my little growing family. 

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