Birthday Fruit Tray For Toddlers

19 November 2012

Taking cupcakes to the daycare was a big part of my 2nd birthday party plan for the twins. Unfortunately, the daycare informed me that some parents had complained about their kids being given cake so birthdays had to be celebrated with fruit. Bummer! Time to change plans. I considered Edible Arrangements but their products would be better appreciated by adults. Next option? Fruits by mommy. Ha! After some consultation with google and Pinterest, I decided to make 2 fruit trays - one for each birthday girl.

Equipment needed:
Cookie cutters (from Micheal's. Buy those with sharp edges to cut fruit comfortably)
Paring knife
Cookie tray or suitable presentation container (Also bought at Micheal's)

Fruit used:
Seedless watermelon, honey dew melon, red grapes, green grapes, mini oranges, pineapple

Main tip for toddler fruit tray arrangements:
Sizing is the most important thing when making a fruit tray for toddlers. The pieces of fruit need to be either bite-sized or real big that they have to be held with 2 hands. Avoid medium sizes especially when dealing with 2 year olds - if they're anything like my girls, they'll try and stuff the medium sized pieces in their mouths, succeed and create a choking hazard for themselves

You know how the contestants on Top Chef name their dishes when presenting to the judges? Well, allow me to present:
Toddler Fruit Tray Idea
"2". The tray is named "2" because it was a "2" written in red and green grapes and surrounded by segments of mini-oranges.

Second tray is named "it's-midnight-and-I'm-sick-and-tired-of-cutting-and-eating-fruit-and-I-can't-believe-that-darn-seedless-watermelon-is-full-of-seeds". I know that's quite a mouthful so we'll just call it "fruit tray" for short. It's honeydew melon rings plus star-shaped watermelon pieces and pineapple pieces. If you squint while looking at it, it sorta looks like a smiling face.

I don't think my 2 year old diners noticed all the fancy I put on the tray but I do feel good that I "made" my girls' second birthday cake. If you'd like some more complex recipes, check out Menu-Planning Monday's linky and Sweet Sharing Monday Linky

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