4 Reasons to Use a Private Photographer For Family Photos

21 June 2012

In the bottom section of my first post on choosing a family photographer, I mentioned my experiences with Picture People, Target, Sears and a private photographer. Here's a pictorial of 4 reasons to use a private photographer for family photos

Close your eyes and imagine what the second baby looks like
Very good session with Target except for a big nose boogie that's not visible in this pic
From Sears. Did the backdrop shrink? So glad I can crop the photos myself.
Thanks to Little Laughs Photography in Calgary. Photoshopping was part of the package
Can you see the difference in photographer skill and quality of props in those 4 photos. It's unmistakable. My final advice in closing off this post series, go with a private photographer. If I had to do it all over again, I would look for a photographer whose style I like and just buy a good package because these babies really do grow fast and all you have are memories and pictures. Plus wouldn't it be great if those pictures actually look nice?! Just sayin'

PS: The Target photo sessions were quite good BUT the photographer had a lot of experience working we kids. I found out from talking to her that she's been in the kid photography business for over 5 years working with different photography chains. With the chain stores, you can't always predict who you'll get but if you find a good photographer working with a chain, by all means patronise them for the cost savings.

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