Adios Crib Shoes

Adios Crib Shoes
  1. Our naming ceremony shoes. Worn once. Carters newborn size
  2. (Not pictured) Ballet flats currently hanging on my windshield. First Impressions size 0-3 months. I loved these shoes. 
  3. I suspect I got these to go with some church outfit. Worn less than 5 times. The Childrens Place size 2
  4. Really wide fit. Worn twice. Gymboree size 3
  5. Never worn. New in box complete with tag. Stride Rite size 3
  6. Love, love, super loved these shoes. Worn very regularly. Very cute and hard for baby to kick off as the 3 stripes are actually one thick velcro strap. Adidas size 9-15 months purchased from Amazon
  7. We took our first steps in these shoes. Worn regularly to daycare. Koala by Babies R Us size 4
  8. Our first birthday shoe. Worn thrice. First time for the birthday, second time for the weekend birthday party and third time for the birthday photo shoot at Sears. Robeez size 4
  9. I like to call these "the St John's special". We wore them throughout our stint in Newfoundland and the girls became proficient walkers in these. Stride Rite size 4
  10. The blister maker. How I hate thee brandless shoe!
  11. Supposed to be our Christmas shoe but was too big. Also our last crib shoe. I totally dig the color and the price inspired this post. Compare the size of the first crib shoe to the last. Isn't growth a beautiful miracle of God?! Robeez size 5
Hola Big Kid Shoes
(Can you tell mama loves her colors?!)

So I got nominated for Top 25 blogs by Moms of Multiples and lets be honest here, I don't really expect to be in the Top 25, I just don't want to be in the bottom either. So would you please vote for me? You'll have to really scroll down the page to find us and you can vote once a day. Pretty please with a little red flower on top :)


  1. Love baby shoes! And your taste in 'big girl' shoes. And you... which is why I voted today. And yesterday when I noticed you after Multiples and More hit us up for votes. :) I'll try to go back and vote again often.

  2. And I thought I had a shoe problem ;-)

    Love them all!

    If you're like me, you will love each new pair you buy--each for different reasons.

    PS- I voted (that is a gorgeous pic on your profile, btw)!

  3. Wow that's a lot of shoes! So---some of the best advice I got before the girls were born was that they didn't need shoes until they started walking. So---they got their first pair of shoes around 13 months.

    The second best advice I ever got was to get them one good pair of shoes each---spend some money on a good, quality shoe. I'm so glad we've done this. We've mostly done Pedipeds, but they have KEEN sandals for the summer. We've never had blisters, or any walking issues, for which I'm very thankful!

    I've heard great things about Robeez too. Those Blue and pink shoes you have are super-duper cute! :)

  4. @Johanna and @Melissa thanks girls. muah!

    @Julia... I know. It didn't look like a lot until I laid them all out. I'm trying to shell out for the quality shoes as well (VERY expensive venture).


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