Introducing Baby to Nigerian Foods

15 August 2011

My plan was to introduce the girls to Nigerian food flavors before they turned 9 months and I started doing that 2 weeks ago. The foods I chose to introduce them to are plantains and african yams. Here are the purees I made

Plantain puree for baby
Thanks to NIL for the suggestion to make baby food purees a third carbs, a third protein and a third fruit or vegetables

Ingredients and preparation
  • Organic mixed vegetables from Costco: Steamed 
  • Plantains: Cut off top and bottom. Slice skin lengthwise but leave on. Cut into 2 or 3 pieces. Boil for 20 minutes. Drain and leave to cool. Remove skin - the skin will fall off easily from the part that was previously sliced.
  • Boneless chicken thighs. Spiced and prepared as normal
Once everything was cooled, I pureed together and froze in ice cube trays.
Baby Verdict: Eaten with no complaints.

African Yam Baby Food Puree
Yams are always one of the first foods babies in Nigeria are introduced to. The yam is boiled and mashed and fed to baby with butter or eggs. I did not want to give the girls the omelette I made that morning because it had some jalapenos in it. So I substituted eggs for shredded cheese.

Slice and boil yam. Once soft, cut into cubes and mash with a fork. Add shredded cheddar cheese, mix and microwave for 10 seconds to melt the cheese. Add water to get stage 3 foods consistency
Baby Verdict: No complaints on this either. Due to the consistency of yam and cheese, this will not freeze well so it'll only be eaten on days I'm actually making yam for the adults in the house
Mashed yam and shredded cheese

I've always eaten my yam with butter but never shredded cheese. Tried it for the first time on sunday when I made this puree for the kids and it was delish. I see a lot of cheese in my future... and their's for that matter. And this is where I resist the urge to make any more cheesy jokes and sign off.

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