Finger Foods at Eight and Half Months

02 August 2011

This is turning out to be the longest comment in the history of blogging. With regards to finger food, here's what's worked for us and what didn't

  1. Worked. Mild cheddar snacking (not thin) slices from Target. I cut in strips and in cubes. Sugar still has a raking grip but can get both strips and cubes into her mouth and enjoyed the cheese. Spice's pincer grip is coming up nicely, but she doesn't have much patience with finger food for now.
  2. Worked. Toasted bread cut in strips
  3. Worked. Baby MumMum. I confess I had a moment of hesitation in buying this when I saw that it was made in China. Then I gave myself a good scolding for presuming that any one country had the market cornered on the issue of food safety and recalls. This really melts in their mouth and is easy to hold. I keep a pack in my bag to stave off hunger in case we run into traffic on our commute home. Disclosure: It is possible that I've eaten a lot more MumMums than the girls. I get hungry in traffic too you know.
  4. Worked. Frozen fruits - mango and apple cubes - in mesh feeder. This is ALWAYS a winner. We use the Sassy Mesh Feeder
  5. Worked. Frozen plain yoghurt in mesh feeder
  6. Did Not Work. Bananas in mesh feeder. Big, brown, slimy, ugly mess
  7. Did Not Work. Bananas in strips or slices - too slippery and soft. Spice mashes it in her hands in disgust
  8. Did Not Work. Baked squash and sweet potato strips - too soft and mushy to make the distance from tray to mouth without falling
  9. Did Not Work. Gerber Lil crunchies veggie dip - Too savory
  10. On the Fence: Apple and watermelon slices - They loved this and could hold the slices easily. I panicked needlessly when Sugar had a piece of melon with a white seed in her mouth and refused to let me scoop it out. We'll shelve these for a while
That's it on the self-feeding front for now. I suspect I'll have nothing to update for another month or so. In the interim, it's another Top Ten Tuesday. I'm linking up with Amanda; she's got some tips on what to do when attending a bachelorette party designed for the young 'uns.

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