Eight Months Old Twins

I wish I could say something less cliche than "Time Flies" but I can't. Time really does fly. Childhood really needs to be cherished I tell you

SpIce aka Twin A
Weight             18lbs 5oz 
Dress size        6 - 9 months
Diaper size       Size 3 

Sugar aka Twin B

Weight             16lbs 14oz
Dress size        6 - 9 months
Diaper size       Size 3

No major change to the schedule except the girls are sleeping longer before waking up for their early morning bottle now around 6am. Breakfast is  still 4oz of solids at 8:30am in the daycare. Lunch is 8oz bottle of formula followed by 2-3oz of chicken and veggies around 1130. Afternoon snack is a 8oz bottle at 330 PM and dinner is 8oz bottle plus 1oz solids at 600pm.

This is the month I introduced the girls to proteins - yoghurt, egg yolk, chicken and spices. I confess, the chicken is the only protein I'm feeling right now. The yoghurt seems to give Sugar excessive BM. For the coming month, I'm planning to introduce them to Nigerian foods and flavours and lumpier textures.

Top Gear - My fave 5 
Orthodontic pacifiers that glow in the dark - What would mama do without these?

Our new playarea 

Our drum - The root cause of many a baby squabble

Oster Blend-N-Go Cup - Still making perfect purees

Take and toss bowls for daycare

Three days ago, Sugar started army crawling (and my life will never be the same again :) ). Also, both girls can sit unsupported for longer periods of time now and there's no mistaking, mama's in the house

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