Baby Food Rut Solution - Yogurt

Okay, this is a confessional. I'm currently in a rut when it comes to feeding my babies solids. I think stage 3 foods are a ripoff so I'm not interested in buying them. I think the babies are ready for finger foods but my ideas seem to be limited to puffs, bananas, toast and yogurt melts. I'm sure the girls have outgrown purees and I try to give them fork-mashed foods instead but I don't know what to mash

Mama's definitely in a rut. The only food I'm cool with right now is baby  yogurt. I love giving it to them and they are always enthusiatic eaters. Once the tub of yogurt appears, little legs start kicking and little arms start flaling in exitement. This is the only solid food that they can eat 4oz of at a sitting.

I'm in a baby food rut and baby yogurt is the only thing that works for me.

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  1. I remember that stage well. I started slipping in other mashed up foods by enticing them with a bit of yogurt. Nothing like butternut squash with a dash of yogurt!

  2. Lots of fruit is really easy to mash. Peaches and strawberries especially. Also, if your babies can eat puffs and toast, they may be ready for some more advanced foods. Do they chew when you give them those things? Because if they chew, you might be ready to try diced peaches or bananas or little dices of cooked carrots. My girls started eating EVERYTHING a lot younger than I thought they would. That being said, we are in a rut too. I want them to try new things but its not like I can just hand them a sandwich either.

  3. Very small pieces of fruit and veggies were our go to because we always had some in the house. AJ loved steamed carrots especially! We never gave her strawberries though because our Pedi said not to. (I guess it is common for some babies under one to get a rash?)We also started introducing very soft cut up pasta shortly after this stage.

    We loved the yogurt at our household too!

  4. Ah yes, we were in a rut too! We started giving the girls mashed potatoes, and tiny cut up pieces of broccoli. We mashed up ravioli, lasagna and spaghetti with a fork when we had it and gave very small bites to the girls. They LOVE it!! They always want to eat what we are eating. . .and it started with toast too. . .and pizza crust. Now they eat most of what we eat! They don't really like meat or strawberries, but everything else they are pretty cool with. Size wise keep the pieces of whatever you are offering them under the size of a pea and you should be just fine!! Try feeding them an item or two that you guys are eating at night - it's empowering and so exciting!! =)


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