Baby Products that Offer Rewards

23 August 2011

A few baby products have loyalty programs for parents and caregivers. Being a parent is a rewarding experience that can cost you over $400,000 in 18 years and $10,000 in the first year alone. Well, since we parents are ever so generous, here's a list of products that return the love in their rewards programs
  1. Huggies Diapers - Buy diapers, earn goodies
  2. Pampers Diapers - another buy diapers, earn goodies program
  3. Fisher Price diapers - buy diapers and get discounts on toys
  4. YoBaby yoghurt - feed baby yogurt and get coupons for organic foods etc
  5. Beechnut baby food - eat baby food and get coupons for more baby food
  6. Baby Einstein products - Get goodies while "smartening" your baby
  7. Similac - No purchase necessary. Register and receive periodical emails with benefits and discounts. I've received a couple for
  8. Enfamil - No purchase necessary. Register for coupons and free samples
  9. Seventh Generation - Strange program. You do activities and get coupons for diapers and other eco products.
  10. American Red Cross - Not really a rewards program per se, but if you buy their branded infant care products at Babies R Us or Target, a portion of the retail price will go to them as a donation. That should be emotionally rewarding
For even more savings, I buy my bulk supplies through the Amazon Mom program. It gives me 20% discount off the listed price for diapers and free 2-day delivery to my doorstep.

It's that time of the week so I'm linking up to Amanda's top ten Tuesday  

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