Needing Room Decor Tips

05 August 2011

I live in an apartment with 3 rooms - master bedroom, guest room and baby room. The baby room is approximately 100sq.ft large and currently has like 12sq.ft of free floor space. The rest of the floorspace has been taken over by office desk (converted to changing table), office chair, mountains of clothes and toys. I can't take it any more. It's driving me crazy this clutter

So this is an SOS from me to you! I need ideas. In the next 2 weeks I plan on getting rid of the pile of clothes, toys and doodahs in the girls' room. The next step of course will be for them to get their own room back. I hope to transition them to their room (hopefully second time will be the charm for us) by their first birthday and I need help.

Specifically I need  decorating ideas for a little girls/toddler room. Nothing too frilly - this mama does not do frilly. If they want frilly, they'll have to get it themselves in say seven ten years.

Pictures - should it be them or family members? Canvas or frame? Any good online services?

I'm messing with the idea of a wall decal as well. I've seen nice ones and not so nice ones?  Yea or nay? Any recommendations

Should their room double as a play room? Or should it be strictly sleeping area and we'll continue playing in the living areas of the the house.

Has anybody applied the Montessori concepts to their toddler's room? How did that work out?

Please help. All ideas welcome. Mama's a few suction cups short of climbing walls here.

Thank you and have a blessed weekend.

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