The People in Our Neighbourhood

30 August 2011

One novel experience that I've been having since November is the "Out with twins" thingie.

Woman + 2 young 'uns in double stroller = public spectacle.

Like any twin mom, I've had more than my share of absolute strangers come up to me and do/say strange things. There's

  • Miss Round-Eyes: They have that emoticon round eyes thing going on while staring at me. Almost like I have two wings and a tail to go with the double stroller
  • The Oh family: "Oh how cute!", "Oh how adorable" "Oh it's twins!"
  • Ms Hitchcock: Sister to Alfred Hitchcock. She starts off like she's from the Oh family and once you make eye contact, she moves in for the kill. She proceeds to tell you some horror story involving twins that she knows. Like her poor sister-in-law who's twin baby was so high up, the mother had to have vaginal and CS delivery at the same time. Or the time her godson's twin cried all night and there was nothing wrong with him and then the doctor checked the other baby and the other baby had a ruptured appendix. Always great for a mother's psyche this Ms Hitchcock.
  • The trouble makers: The ones that see you and say "Double Trouble". I hate that with a passion. My kids are not trouble and I will not see the humor in your saying so. There is power in the spoken word so please, speak words of peace and blessing
  • The blessed: Opposites of the trouble makers. They usually spot a head of grey hair and say "You're so blessed". I love them.
  • The almost twin mama: "My kids are like twins too. They're so close in age." *Insert rolling of the eyes here*
  • The other twin mama: You know the one with the twin babies slightly older than yours. You become immediate friends and swap war stories for 30 minutes and leave only when one (or more) babies start screaming from hunger.
  • The twin daddies: I love twin daddies. Not just because I own one :) but because they're the men who will run across the store to open the door for you.
  • The older male twins: They're pretty much like the twin daddies. I've had one leave his spot on the queue to come help me with the stroller-through-door maneuver. Awesome people!
  • The older girl twins: My favorite people in the world. They're like a sneak peek into the future. I once met a pregnant lady registering in Babies R Us with her twin sister. They were so excited to see my twins and told me how they were best friends growing up and my girls will be the same. Then their mom walks up and says "They're lying. They fought all the time and almost drove me crazy. Don't worry, you'll survive!"
Those are the people that show up in my neighbourhood whenever I'm out and about with the twins. Like they say on Seasame street; they're the people that you meet when you're walking down the street...

I'm linking up to top ten Tuesday.

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