Baby Food Bible - Book Review

17 February 2011

The Baby Food Bible: A Complete Guide to Feeding Your Child, from Infancy OnThe Baby Food Bible by Eileen Behan.

As we approach the four month mark, I've started thinking (and looking forward to) the introduction of solids to my girls. This is the first book I'll be reading on the subject.

This book certainly works hard to earn its title. I love how Ms Behan covers the topic of baby  food with an emphasis on the matters that are important to me as a parent as well as giving practical tips. I especially love the list of foods with tips on shopping and preparing them. I also like that she gives advise that will help prevent a child being labelled a "picky eater"; a label I wore as a child :(.

My recommendation, this book is worth reading. I'll revisit it again in a couple of months and it just might be a keeper. 

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