Pondering Childcare Options

04 February 2011

I've be weighing and unweighing my options for childcare when I return to work. I visited my 4 shortlisted daycare centers yesterday and eliminated 2 on the list. The 2 I eliminated were located in strip mall settings and had glass walls and I'm just not comfortable with the security setup. Of the two that made the shortlist, these are their criteria
  • Daycare A: Walking distance from the house, $1,xxx per child per month, 8 cribs for 8 infants in room, summer wait list
  • Daycare B: Not along my commute route, $8xx per child per month, 2 cribs in room for 8 infants. no wait list, Montessori system
I'm torn. I like the idea of each child having their crib in daycare A but I also realise that means they can spend the day without much interaction with the teachers. Daycare B's room looks more interactive but it did have a strange smell that I can't get past. I need to revisit and resmell :). My next move with the daycare centers is to go after work hours and talk to a few parents picking up their kids to get their opinions.

On the other hand, I could get a nanny. Cost-wise, it comes to roughly the same amount as a daycare. My concern is leaving my babies alone with one person. Sometimes twins can get overwhelming if they're crying at the same time and I don't want to risk the repercussions of a stressed-out caregiver. Also most nannies want a long term position and I cannot offer that right now.

What to do? I suspect, I'll be going with daycare B but I'll keep you posted.

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