Review of Disposable Breast Pads

18 February 2011

This throwdown was between the following products which I had the pleasure of using in my 2 months of breastfeeding. Here are the disposable breast pads I've "been" through. (Apologies for the picture quality)
  • Ameda Noshow Premium - The worst of the lot. Strange shape and no adhesive. It was sliding all over the place. The lack of adhesive meant I had to spend time trying to figure out which side was which. With every thing going on when trying to breast feed twins, this was an additional complication I did not need.
  • Lansinoh - The best. Absorbent but still flat. Well-shaped enough to be discrete. Has two adhesives to ensure no embarrassing hanging out at the corner of your t-shirt moment. Definitely recommended
  • Avent - I have no complaints about this pad except that it was a little on the thick side.  
  • Medela - Another middle of the pack contender with a very nice shape. No complaints except that the plastic packing can be trifling to remove and leaves yellow particles on my fingers

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