Your Baby's First Year - Book Review

03 February 2011

Your Baby's First Year: Third EditionYour Baby's First Year by American Academy of Pediatrics 

This is a surprisingly good and hearty book from the American Academy of Pediatrics in conjunction with the makers of Similac. Since I had my babies, most books get the speed-reading treatment from me and have to prove themselves worthy of a second glance.

I understand that most parents of young children can find themselves in the same boat, so here's my advise. If you have to cherry pick what to read in this book, I recommend chapters 6 to 9 which focus on monthly developments. I can safely say these chapters contain the best information I've read on the month-to-month details of a baby's growth. They cover such topics as the changes in the baby's five senses, basic care, health issues and what your baby needs from you at each stage. (I even used the growth charts to forecast the transition point for our moving up from size one to size two diapers)

Chapter 19 is another good one as it covers special family issues such as adoption, blended families, working mothers and of course twins and multiples. 

This book is a definite keep and I see myself consulting it regularly over the next few months

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