Toy Tips - Book Review

10 February 2011

Toy Tips: A Parent's Essential Guide to Smart Toy ChoicesToy Tips: A parent's Essential Guide to Smart Toy Choices by Marianne M. Szymanski and Ellen Neuborne.

Sugar and Spice are spending more time awake these days and love to play. I know that the experts say that at this age, mummy is every kid's favorite toy but this mummy needs to provide alternatives. I went to the toy section of the great baby retailer and left utterly confused as to what a 3 month old baby was supposed to play with. So off to the library I went and this is the book that is supposed to  make me a smarter toyshopper 

I read it through, and can safely say that this book is a good resource. Unfortunately, it didn't tell me anything I did not already know about appropriate toys for this stage of infancy. It looks like I arrived the party too early. I should probably reread this in a few months; but for now this goes back to the library tomorrow  

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