Things to do with Baby's First Shoes

06 June 2011

Since I had a post about dealing with baby's old clothes, I might as well talk about the shoes. I shake my head when I think of the fact that my babies actually have shoes. If I was a 100% rational human being, my girls will not have shoes till they can walk. I however seem to have these things call emotions and hormones and my babies have a box full of old and new shoes.

Most of the shoes have been worn once and by once I mean one time. I totally understand the need to buy shoes that babies will wear only once and in the same vein I understand the need to memorialise dem shoes. So here are the options I considered for keeping my babies' first shoes
  1. Bronzing: That's like "everybody does it" right?! It's the conventional option but the price tag does not appeal to me.
  2. Christmas Ornaments: The shoes are small enough to hang on a Christmas tree. A plus is that the kids will be tickled pink see their first shoes on the tree as they grow older
  3. Windshield hanging decoration: I actually got this idea from a car parked beside me in the grocery store. I like it. This is the one I went with. Of course, if you have or are going to have say 6 kids, this may not be a good idea - driving visibility and all!

Baby shoes windshield decorationI'm glad the shoes come in twos. I have one foot of each hanging off my windshield (makes me happy just seeing them during my daily commute) and the other foot is going to be hanging on the Christmas tree come December. And that is more useful time than the 55 minutes they spent on babies' feet.

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