Babyproofing Weekend

Our house has 3 levels and this was the weekend to bring out the big babyproofing guns. I'm proud to report that we've installed
  • 4 baby gates with various lengths of extensions
  • 2 toilet bowl covers
  • 6 doorknob thingies
  • Numerous outlet covers
  • 3 cabinet locks
  • 1 nightlight (so mommy doesn't keep running into the gate at night while playing pacifier fetch)
I'm sure we may still have to add a couple of items to that list but for now it's save to say we're 90% babyproofed. I plan on writing a review on the various items later in the week but for now, I leave you with the before and after shots of our staircase.
Blocking staircase with play yard


  1. I know your pain having baby proofed three levels myself! Ay yi yi!

  2. You go girl! Get your babyproofing bad self on!
    Love the shot of the girls!! They are getting SO big!! =)

  3. Baby proofing in our house is a continuing process as they find ways around and over things. There are still a couple of hours left to link up to Multiples Monday. I hope to see you there.

    : 0 ) Theresa


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