Monkey Business

One of my pet peeves is that I hate it when people refer to kids as monkeys (lovingly or not). I just didn't get the correlation. Until now! 

Picture this scenario: I'm in the kitchen fixing dinner - a 7 minute event. The girls are in the dining nook beside me playing. It's a little quiet but I give it no heed. I come out of the kitchen with the food and almost passed out from shock. My two little angels - Sugar and Spice I call them - are sitting on their high chairs looking at me. No I'm not talking about the tiny booster chairs. I mean the full size high chair. I can't even fathom how not one kid, but two managed to climb and get themselves seated. I am also in a state of panic as obviously the high chairs are not safe anymore if the girls can climb on anytime. I'll bet a silver dollar they don't know how to get down safely. Is this where I buy a little dining set? Or revert to using our Fisher Price booster chairs?
Don't they just look guilty?!

AND, I still don't like it but I totally get it - this kiddie monkey business. 

PS: The highchair cover was in the wash after some minor vomiting episodes from breakfast.


  1. Unbelievable! I was just telling my husband that if it's too quiet you know they are up to no good. I still can't believe your girls managed that.

  2. Oh no, no! This is not naughtiness! This is them attempting to help mommy out! They just did you a service! My girls (I think they're 2-ish months older than yours) have been responsible for getting themselves up into their highchairs for awhile now. We use the Fisher Price boosters and if I don't want them in them- I put the trays on and they can't get in. Enjoy this! Less lifting for you!

  3. Wow, that's impressive! Such cutie pies...


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