Baby Onesies Review Update

Way back in September, I went on a shopping spree educational trip to evaluate the different brands of baby clothing. I bought white and colored onesies from each of the popular brands and my plan was to see how they compared at the end of the wearing season. The first two posts are here and here.

With our moving to Canada, I had to ship all the summer clothes and my experiment was put on hold after 2 months. Since we've moved and I've been unpacking, I got to see the bodysuits again and this is the conclusion that I've drawn.

Best Colored Onesie: Carters from Macys. This is the onesie that kept it's color and shape best. I emphasis that I got it at Macys because it appears Carters quality depends on retailer.

Best White Onesie: Janie and Jack. This was the only white that did not hold onto stains.

Worst Quality: Old Navy. It got holes and a tear after a few washes. Out of all the baby clothes I've purchased, the Old Navy clothes are the only ones that ever got rips and tears. Boo!

Best value for money low price range (below $4): Walmart Garanimals. Can't beat the range of styles and colors and usually priced at $3 or less

Best value for money mid price range ($4-8): Oshkosh B'Gosh. With a good combination of sales and coupons, these can be got for the same price as lower quality brands

Best value for money high price range ($8-10): Janie and Jack. Looks like new after all we put it through so if you've got the moola, why not?

I'm glad to finally close this out. Now onto other fashion challenges! (Hint: there's a similar post but on toddler jeans somewhere in my future)


  1. What a great post! Super helpful for new mamas!

  2. I've noticed that too with Carters...not only with the colors and quality, but also with the sizing! It's jumping a bit to PJ's, but we put the girls almost exclusively in Carter's PJ's...which you can purchase at Carters, Target, Khols, etc. Well - the 2 T from Target is much larger than the 2 T from Carters or Khols. And those from Khols are smaller than those from Carters! What gives?! The same brand of clothing should have the same qualities regardless in my book!
    Sorry for my rant =). Lovely review! I've never actually purchased anything at Janie and Jack (because it's pretty darn pricey), but I guess I didn't realize that they even had onsies...that would be worth the money if they don't stain and hold up well though...

  3. I love carter's price and quality. Its too bad I always have to drive across the border to shop because I leave in toronto.

  4. @ese, Carter's will ship to Canada if you order online but the duties, taxes and shipping costs could make that an expensive option.


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