How (Not) To Buy Shoes for your Toddler – 10 tips

31 January 2012

1.    Plan: Set aside a day and time to get this done.
2.    Prepare: Either take the kid with you to get a shoe fitting or measure the foot to be sure of the sizing
3.    Peruse: The list of brands recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association(APAM) for kids. Most of the brands are pricy but worth it for new walkers
4.    Pick:  The brand that most fits your budget and the store where it can be found
5.    Pinch: the front to make sure there’s enough room for your toddler’s delicate feet to grow
6.    Don’t make an impromptu dash to a store during lunch break and take the scenic route out of the store via the baby clearance aisle
7.    Don’t but laceups for toddlers who are squirmy when getting dressed and just learning to walk
8.    Don’t buy shoes that have cute Seasame Street characters on the soles instead of non-skid soles
9.    Don’t check the fit of said shoes on your baby’s bare feet when the baby always wears thick winter socks
10.Don’t wait two days to discover the blisters L
Enough said. A picture’s worth a thousand words they say, or in this case 10 bullet points.
Tip sheets from APAM

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