The Cribsie Awards - Another good resource

10 April 2012

I missed the big announcement but apparently the Cribsie Award winners for 2012 are in. Check them out on the winners page here.

What is a Cribsie Award? It's an award given by the vote of parents in the general public to baby and kid related products and services

Why do I like the cribsies? It's a good way to find out what's been working for other parents. I look at the list of winners and it's hard for me to disagree with most of them. The brands that win the awards are mostly names that I recognize and trust. And then they also have the newcomer section. Here you can discover some new baby products that just may rock your boat... like say the stroller that charges your phone or the foldable crib that can be assembled without tools or (just in time for summer) the perfect swimsuit coverup for your budding fashionista. 

Take a peak at the cribsie website. It's a good way to spend 10 minutes.

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