Tips for Saving on Britax Seats

30 March 2012

Even though I got a 2 Cosco Scenara seats for $29.99 each a while back, I do not consider them our longterm convertible seats. I've been waiting for the family to settle before buy one of the convertible seats on my shortlist. It's been between First Years True Fit Diono Radian R100 or the Britax Boulevard or Marathon.

I decided to go with the Britax seats because they seem to be a favorite among parents and if there's one thing I've learnt in this twin parenting journey, it's that sometimes following the crowd is a smart move. It's hard to find Britax car seats on sale and the numbers add up very quickly when you have to buy 2 seats. Hard but not impossible. This mama likes saving her green and would love to share with you some resourceful ways of saving on Britax carseats.
  1. US Tip 1: Subscribe to feeds from Baby Cheapskate if you're in the US. I have no affiliation with Angie who runs the site, but I think she's wonderful. She tracks the prices and will alert you when the seats are at a discount worth looking at. Here's a link to her "Buy it now" price recommendations for the most popular car seats.
  2. US Tip 2: Order from Amazon and ship for free. Right now, a lot of the Britax seats are up to 25% off on Amazon. Sales like that don't last very long I assure you so don't dawdle when you see a good price on the seat you want
  3. Canada Tip 1: Babies R Us during their special baby sale weeks. The Britax deals were not in the flyer but when I went to the store, the Marathon was selling for $209 instead of $299. I bought one and got a raincheck for the second. The only downside to this is that it might not be in the color you like.
  4. Canada Tip 2: Buy online. Sometimes you can't wait for a sale and have to buy now. The solution, buy off Babies R Us online using EBates. You get 3% rebate apart from whatever cashback comes with your credit card and it ships for free. It's not 25% off, but it's better than nothing
  5. Canada Tip 3: Don't try to save by buying from a US website. Car seats used in Canada have to be purchased in Canada because the rules are different. Cross-border shopping for carseats is illegal y'all
So how did I do? Well I got 2 Britax Marathons. One from a Babies R Us store  for at $90 savings (#3) and ordered the second one online (#4) for $15 savings. Not earth-shattering but not shabby either.

And I believe that is the last of the big ticket baby items we need to buy. Phew! I'm going to have to do a post on that one. Now onto saving for college and the first cars :)

Have a great weekend y'all!

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