Advanced Diaper Changing

24 April 2012

I just completed 2 modules in the Advanced Diaper Changing Course for twin parents. They are

Diaper Changing 201: The stand-up routine
For the last couple of weeks, Spice has ABSOLUTELY refused to lie down and have her diaper changed. At first I thought she had a rash or was in some sort of pain from lying down but no, it wasn't either of those. Just as I was beginning to dread diaper changes, I remembered one of the policies from their first Montessori daycare. Once the kids are able to walk, they are changed standing up. I decided to try that and it worked. Apparently, fighting the lying-down-to-change-diaper routine is how some toddlers assert their individuality. Equally apparent is the fact that I am parenting one of such toddlers and have since learnt how to change a standing toddler

Diaper Changing 202: The sit-down routine
It was a typical Monday morning in my Twintopia. Got up, showered, dressed, woke the babies, changed the babies, dressed the babies, fed the babies, carried the babies to the car.... and then it hit me! The unmistakable smell of breakfast that had come out of the other end. Just as I was getting ready to open the garage door, happy that I was only running 5 minutes late. I had 3 options:
1 - Pretend no such smell existed and drive on to daycare. Repercussion: Serious bad mommy guilt
2 - Get both babies back in the house, up the stairs and change diaper. Repercussion: Will be at least 20 minutes late for work
3 - Practice the skill my sister tried to teach me a few months back - the change baby's diaper in stroller or car seat routine. Repercussion: Will be only 5 minutes late for work.

I had my backup diaper bag in the car so I went with option 3. A few twists, turns and swipes later, we were done on our way to daycare/work. I was  an exhilarated combination of proud and grossed out. I wear this motherhood laurel proudly. My next challenge? Change baby while swinging from a tight-rope hung off the empire state building or some equally amazing act of mommy-dexterity, not including the one being demonstrated in the picture below.

Disclaimer: Or rather, a word of caution: Ability to execute either of the above diaper routines is a direct function of the (how do I put this delicately) flowiness, weight and volume of the diaper contents. In plain english, don't try this with a blowout diaper.

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