Cheery Dancy Toddler Music

Let's get to the point shall we; I need suggestions for music that your toddlers love to dance to. Mine do not seem impressed with my bountiful itunes library. They are left dancing to the music coming from Mister Eelefun.

It's cute but also sad to see 2 little ones tapping their feet, bopping their head and dropping it like it's hot to the tune of ABCDEFG. I want to buy at least one dancy album for them. Even the 3-CD album that sounded good in Walmart last week turned out to be really blah...

Help a sister out???? and have a fun, blessed weekend!


  1. My girls love the Laurie Berkner Band, and I have to admit that I sing along with them. :)

  2. try the stuff we grew up on motown, lionel richie, mj. i think its groovy happy music.


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