Baby Registry Discount Guide

Here's a short guide to the different baby registry discounts offered by the most popular baby stores in the US and Canada. Most of these stores offer something called a "Completion Discount". This is a discount that allows you to purchase some or all of the items left in your registry after your event day. The event day is usually the baby's due date or expected arrival date.

The default rules governing completions discounts are
  1. The discount coupon can only be used in one transaction (exception to this is Pottery Barn Kids)
  2. Items cannot be added after the event date (exception to this is JC Penney)
  3. Coupon stacking is not allowed (there are a few exceptions to this as well)
Without further ado, here's a cheatsheet I put together for baby registry discounts and rules. Enjoy!

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  1. Is it bad that I made registries for baby H at both Babies R Us and Target because I KNEW that we would get the completion discount 2-4 weeks before he was due and could buy all of our stuff then??? LOL! I truly did!
    I just got my 10% off coupon for my Babies R Us stuff yesterday in fact. Any idea if I can still add stuff? =)
    BTW - I love your header pic!!! Cute!!

  2. BRU is not the most customer friendly place in my opinion and I think they are stricter with their deals. Having said that, you can try adding the items to the registry online before going to the store for pickup. That may work *fingers crossed*


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